October 24th, 2006


Are Your Friends Iranian Flying Saucer Cyborg Drones???

Give them the simple Test, just to make sure.

It is really very easy, and it is a part of what keeps america free!!!

Ask them if they Consider Mel Gibson's "The Passion Of The Christ" a typical Left Wing Radical Extremist Propoganda Piece.

If they don't agree with you, then clearly they are in League with Satan and are most likely already Iranian Flying Saucer Cyborgs, or their Unwitting Dupes....

If they Rapidly Agree with you, point to the Intuitively Obvious fact that there was no comment, anywhere, that this was all Hillary Clinton's Fault! Give them one Point for being Towards Patriotic. They can also earn a Point by noting that at no point in the Movie was there even One "All Hail Great Leader!!!!".

Anyone scoring less than 10 points may well be in league with Satan, and the Leftist Liberals!!!!!

Be Aware!!! Be On Your Guard!!! They ARE everywhere!!!

Why We are At war with Them....

While wandering around dealing with the Grotesque HORROR of the Vegemite/Marmite Crisis, I came across the Reason that the Dutch MUST be burned In The Deepest Pit Of Cleveland, their Evil Attack on American Scientific Technological Advancements, and the President's Unilateral Demand that National Security is the First Principle of American Space exporation! Which makes it clear that the Dutch Assault on our White Christian America with Meet You There (Mars/Hello Project) is merely more terrorist Propoganda!!!

While we learn the TRUTH that the Japanese have aligned themselves with space aliens in VIOS/Bait - I mean and the evil liberals are NOT at all dealing with these Obvious Brutal Assaults on our White Christian America by Ferrign Devils!!!

Then there is the EVILS of german engenieerding in Not in this weather!!!

Clearly if we need any more proof why we Must Bomb Canada to Keep America American!!! What Will It Be??? The Evil Onslaught of Canadian Maple Syrup Slithering Over The Border to destroy us???

All Hail Great Leader!!! For Great Leader Is Great!!!

Should Republicans Vote In the 2006 Fin Du Cycle?

"A coup d' etat does not need a positive creed, just an enemy.

A Civil war, on the other hand, demands a cause, a banner and some form of manifesto.

During the preparations for the coup, the military plotters had not concerned themselves greatly over the exact form of government which their prronuncciamiento would herald."

- The Battle For Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-1939
Antony Beevor
c. 2006 ISBN: 0 14 30.3765 X
Why of course! Like Duh!!!

Republicans vote because it is a civic duty and a part of the social contract that maintains the rights of the governed to be governed solely by their own consent, and not by any insane ideas of Divine Mandate!!!

What if the Americans do not put more troops into Iraq???

Will the chances for success be less???

I mean which side is the theyThemThoseTypes on when the Evil Liberal Media is putting up Anti-American Propoganda Headlines like:
US general may seek more GIs as Iraq success is called 'possible'
International Herald Tribune
I know that All True Patriotic Americans are waiting on Great Leader to DENOUNCE THE DEFEATISTS and their Cut and Run Fellow Travellors who are Brutally and Viciously Attacking the president's Stay The Course!!!

Halloween Horror Stories....

So my friends are talking about having a "furry" Halloween Party, and so here is the basic idea:
Ah yes, the "Furry Theme" - yes, now I recall it - no wonder my brain woke up to the great possibility of "Jay and Silent Bob Remake The Wizard Of Oz" and we get Jay as Toto...
Now would that Stop the Iranian Flying Saucers or What?