October 16th, 2006


Winning Against WhatEver....

Ok, just when you think the Post Surrealist Thing could not become any more MainStreamer, here we wind up with the BushFish ( via mazarinade ) - and learn that in the New Post Surrealists World they are very serious about the need for a One True And ONLY "White Christian America" - that American America!!!

With True American Christians...

Who understand that the Argument From Intelligent Design gets us STRAIGHT to the Divine Decider....

Ok, so I must confess, yes, this is JUST ONE MORE clear and compelling reason to BOMB CANADA!!!

SuperSekretSubText: I personally BLAME tomscud for the existence of mazarinade, which well,
gosh, yes, actually establishes that we must Bomb Canada!!! now MORERER than everERER before!!!

Some Days, One Just Has to ask....

Does a War President need a seating Congress???

There is a lot of Defeatist, Cut and Runner Propoganda, that in some way Congress may Change Hands, and pass into the Control of the DefeatiCrats.

But does that Really Matter? I mean SERIOUSLY, does it really matter if there is anyone in Congress??? How many Divisions of internal security troops does Congress actually Have???

Do Americans REALLY want to rest on the Laurel's of the 22nd Ammendment, so that they do not have to worry about what happens??? Or are they just going to hope that majikally some how the 22nd will turn out the old, and in will come the new WhateverOnWhomever that will just be more, well, WOW NOW! than well the last Klintonesta....

What if America were to fall into the hands of Republicans who actually believed in a Federalist Government of Representational Democracy!?!

Did The Government's Case Crumble????

A firebrand civil rights lawyer who has defended Black Panthers and anti-war radicals was sentenced Monday to nearly 2 1/2 years in prison - far less than the 30 years prosecutors wanted - for helping an imprisoned terrorist sheik communicate with his followers on the outside.

Lynne Stewart, 67, smiled, cried and hugged supporters after U.S. District Judge John G. Koeltl pronounced the sentence.
"Ms. Stewart performed a public service, not only to her clients, but to the nation," Koeltl said.

The judge said Stewart could remain free while she appeals, a process that could take more than a year.

[ cf Sheik's Lawyer Gets Nearly 2 1/2 Years ]
Say WHAT???

Hello!!! We are talking about one of the Most Vicious Of All PRO-IRANIAN FLYING SAUCER TYPES, EVER!!!!

And not so much as a transfer to Gitmo for those 3 years??? AND free until the appeals process finishes????

Can AMERICANS sleep in their beds, knowing that AT ANY TIME NOW!!!! Those Iranian Flying Saucers could return because Evil Liberal Activist Judges had embarked upon Stabbing Our Troops in The Back with this sort of rooling against a KNOWN TERRORIST LEADER OF ALL IRANIAN FLYING SAUCERS, EVERYWHERE!!!

Speaking Of Hawai'i

Has anyone else noticed how well the MONOLITHIC EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA is covering up the Attack by Iranian Flying Saucers!!!!

Yeah, Right, Earth Quake, oooh!!!! Let us blame this On GOD!!!! Because God sent Earth Quakes to Booga-Booga the land of O'hana, because, what? Not enough Spam in his Plate Lunch!!!!

Hello!!!! Hello Evil Liberal Media MeatPuppet!!! You like Fresh Off The BOAT or what!!!!

Any GOD FEARING RED BLOODED ALL AMERICAN KNOWS that this is just one more case of the Evil Liberal Media Covering Up the HORRROR of Iranian Flying Sauccers Come Back to PUNISH AMERICA because of Hitlary and Her RadFemiSurfNazi's who are trying to Destroy Our White Christian America!!!!

So remember boys and girls, as you go to the Polls to prove that You have always SUPPORTED THE GREATEEST MILITARY LEADER EVER!!!! You can either Vote Correctly, or the IRANIAN FLYING SAUCERS WILL RETURN!!!

Also, voting for the wrong selection, is a CRIME!!! And People Who ENGAGE in such batant acts of Supporting The Terrrorists WILL BE PERSECUTED!!!! Because This WILL go down on your permenant record!!!

Have A Nice Day...

Scalia Admits To Being TERRORIST CLIQUE

Some times, if you read the fine print, god gives it up:
But during Sunday's debate, Scalia noted there were cases in which he and the ACLU agreed. They included rulings upholding flag burning and a 2004 opinion arguing that a U.S. citizen seized in Afghanistan in wartime could challenge his detention as an enemy combatant in U.S. courts.

Strossen, who enjoys a friendly relationship with Scalia despite their differences, applauded those opinions but added, "I don't want you to think you're too popular with this group."

[ cf AbcNews:Scalia Defends Positions in TV Debate ]
Hum... Hum... Hum....

Opposing Flag Burning Amendments, and openly Opposing The Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!!!

Can there be any other explanation but that Scalia is coming out of the Closet as having always opposed himself in all ways and all cases....

Makes one wonder if Scalia is willing to get the government to ship him off to GitMo until he confesses....

Sweden Punks Self In WhateverOnWhomever

Sweden's new center-right government got off to a rocky start, with two ministers resigning within 10 days after revealing dark secrets from their past.

Their downfall _ unpaid TV licenses and illegally hired nannies _ was perpetuated by their upper class status and dealt a bitter lesson to Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt: There's nothing the tax-burdened Swedes despise more than when the privileged cheat the system.
Every household with a TV set is required to pay the annual fee of about $200, which is the main source of funding for Sweden's public radio and television. Many believe Stego Chilo refused to pay the fee on ideological grounds.
Stego Chilo's resignation came just two days after Trade Minister Maria Borelius dropped out of the Cabinet on similar allegations, causing embarrassment for Reinfeldt's four-party coalition that took power Oct. 6 and ended 12 years of Social Democratic rule.

[ cf 2 resignations rock Swedish government ]
Ah Yes, those now bygone years....

Remember when it was considered BAD form to actually engage in criminal conduct.

One has to respect the new Swedish NeoConWannabeClownCarCrew for, well doing their best to ape their UberFreaks in the USofA, but, let us be honest, this is such a Swedish Failure to GetItOn!!!

But I guess that is why Sweden is still not running the Greatest Holiest Of All Crusades against Imaginary Weapon Systems of the world!!!

Get Marrried Or BOMB CANADA!!!!

It is by no means dead, but for the first time, a new survey has shown that traditional marriage has ceased to be the preferred living arrangement in the majority of US households.
The findings, which were released in August but largely escaped public attention until now because of the large volume of data, indicated that marriage did not figure in nearly 55.8 million American family households, or 50.2 percent.
Unmarried couples gravitated toward big cities such as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco, while the farm states in the Great Plains and rural communities of the Midwest and West remained bastions of traditionalism, according to the survey.

[ cf For first time, unmarried households reign in US ]

Americans must choose!!! Can we suffer through MORE of the Same old Failed Klintonesta Anti-Family, Anti-American Dogma of The Demonic Leftist Leaning Evil Doing Evil Doers!!!!

Or is now more than ever the Time when All Americans will back the Greatest Ariel Bombardment of A HEATHEN NATION, EVER!!!

Update: don't you hate those, forgot to close some html tag moments.... I mean, do we NEEED to have any more proof that this is all a part of the Growing And Sinister Dark And Evil Web Of Iranian Mental Floss....

UnHoly Black Robed Judicial Tyranny!!!

The Missouri Supreme Court struck down the state's new voter identification law Monday that would have required voters to show a photo ID card at the polls starting this fall.

A lower judge ruled last month that the ID requirement was an unconstitutional infringement on the fundamental right to vote. The state Supreme Court agreed in a 6-1 unsigned opinion.
Other states' voter identification laws have also been challenged in court this year.

Earlier this month, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals blocked enforcement of Arizona's voter ID law; the state attorney general on Friday petitioned the Supreme Court to allow it to require photo IDs during the election.

In Georgia, a judge in September struck down as unconstitutional the latest version of that state's photo ID requirement. A majority of the elections board members said they disagreed with the ruling, but the board said it wouldn't try to have it overturned before the November election.

[ cf Mo. high court strikes down voter ID law ]
What NEXT!!!

Demand that American Law Is Legal In America????

Don't These Black Robed Judicial Tyrannts KNOW that we are in the Greatest Of All Holy Crusades, and that these are times when the people must understand that things are Totally Different From The Times when the EVIL LIBERALS were destroying Our White Christian America!!!

Don't they understand that One EITHER Supports Great Leader!!! Or One is in league with Satan!!!

Serious Booga Booga!!!

When the Evil Sinister Blomber News reports
Dollar Falls as Russian Central Bank Boosts Yen Reserves!
can there be any more excuses??? Can we Tolerate the Kapitulationists Appeasers? And their Fellow Defeatocratic Cut And Runners!!!!


Now more than ever we MUST BOMB CANADA!!!!

Anything less and the Ferrign Devils WIN!