October 11th, 2006


Firefly Episodes I Undt II

Ok, which one of you Drug Addled Puppet Toadies of the Effemete East Coast Wimp Liberal Red Hollywood Elitist Clique is going to explain to me which stoner Loser came up with FireFly as the typical Anti-Clinton Propoganda Machine bent upon spewing God Hating America Bashing Propoganda about this hard corp collection of Moral Perverts and Social Derilicts meandering aimlessly through the Galaxy in their Firefly Class Space Junk Freighter!

I mean, hello!!! Don't these folks know that the whole World Has Changed and it takes more than mere hatred of the Clinton's to be a Major Playher on the World Stage these Days!!! One needs to know how to deal with grave global threats like failed nuclear weapons testing by the Under Study to the Puppet From "Team America" that sings "I'm so lonely".....

What were people thinking when they put this series together and pitched it to the Evil Fox Empire, which already has such stunning SitComs in it's collection like "The Bill O'Reilly's Fun House", "Hannity and Colmes Qool Out", what ever would they need one more show that was simply one long string of Booga Booga Moments, without actually saying, "Oh GOD Hitlary and Her RadFemiNazi's Have destroyed our white christian America!!!"

It may turn out that there is more to this show, but so far....

Speaking Of Enemy Combatant....

First off:
A 28-year-old Californian who joined al-Qaida and appeared in propaganda videos for the terrorist organization was indicted Wednesday on federal charges of treason and aiding terrorists, a U.S. Justice Department official said.

A grand jury returned the indictment against Adam Yehiye Gadahn, 28, a suspected al-Qaida operative sought by the FBI since 2004, said the person, who asked to remain anonymous because the indictment was to be announced later in the day.

Gadahn is believed to have attended the terrorist group's training camps in Pakistan and served as one of its translators. He has become known by his nom de guerre Azzam al-Amriki, or "Azzam the American."
His mother last spoke to him by phone in March 2001. At the time he was in Pakistan, working at a newspaper, and his wife was getting ready to have a child.

[ cf American indicted on federal charges of aiding al-Qaida ]
Ok, we gotta ask.....

Is this notion of "treason and aiding terrorists" in some unique and special space, from, oh, say, being a Democrat or a Green Party member?

Or, for our slow readers, "someone whom HanoiAnnie Coulter Hates".

We also have to wonder why the LA Court system is wasting amerian tax payer dollars with a Trial - or is it just one more clear case of the Evil Red Hollywood Elites in their Usual Spend The Tax Payer's Money any way they can, for what is merely one more theatrical performance....

Or are we really suppose to buy into the thesis that because 'the accused' is alledged to be an american, that this means that some sort of social point of Decorum must be maintained....

Given that he attended Terrorist Training Camps in Pakistan, why not just send him to GitMo, and especially under the New All American Torture Act, where now more than ever, we can use the VideoDrome Money, until the Fed's can out source that.

Oh dear, which is the really truthier part to this story....

Why DOES Condi Hate America????

Or Does She Just Love The NoKo's Morer?
Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the United States won't attack North Korea.

Appearing on CNN, Rice rejected a suggestion that Pyongyang may feel it needs nuclear weapons to stave off an Iraq-style US invasion.

Rice says President Bush has told the North Koreans "there is no intention to invade or attack them.

So they have that guarantee."

"I don't know what more they want,” she said.

Rice says Mr. Bush "never takes any of his options off the table."

But she adds there's no invasion plan.

Rice also rejects direct talks with North Korea.

[ cf US Won’t Invade North Korea, Rice Says ]
Well that makes things so much clearer....

If North Korea was an unarmed Iraq, and we needed the votes in the Bi-Election, then we would of course be rumbling to Invade Korea for having a name too Close To Koran for the comfort of Most Folks!!! Not because the Evil Liberal Truman coined the phrase "Police Action" as the Excuse that Evil Liberals use when Invading Countries that we are not at war with...

Or is it the other way around - since, well, clearly since the President has never taken any options off the table, we would not invade because we would just start nuking first and worry about the details while the Whiners in the Evil Liberal Media MeatPuppetry were wondering how exactly they were going to live down having missed the first accidental wall to wall nuking of a nation.

Or does Condi really mean to say that the president is planning to invade Canada!!! Because it too has a "K" like as in Korea and Koran, and it is a really dangerous and scary place....

What DID Condi Really Mean....