October 10th, 2006


Can Hastert REALLY do the Bush Bugaloo???

Hum, when Hastert asserts
House Speaker Dennis Hastert said Tuesday he'll dismiss anyone on his staff found to have covered up concerns about ex-Rep. Mark Foley's approaches to former pages.

Hastert said he huddled with his staff last week and in that, in hindsight, the situation could have been better handled.

But he added, "If they did cover something up, then they should not continue to have their jobs."

[ cf Hastert: Anyone Hiding Page Issue Leaves ]
Should americans really believe this???

Should they believe it any more than when Dubya did the DiscoDuck about firing anyone who had been involved with Leaking the ID of a CIA Operative - only to find out that the calls for leaking came from the white house - and then of course the call to firing really had meant that there was no comment pending the conclusion of all of the actual legal investigation, as it was not yet clear whether the President Could or SHOULD be held legally liabel for the commission of Felonies...

Besides, does Hastert really have the Moral Courage to put any type of distance between himself and his actions, and his greed for the Cash Cow that was ex-Rep. Mark Foley's ability to raise money for the Party!!!!

More Red States Gone Wild....

Hey boys and girls, what IS it about the Red States that causes their WackoNutJobs to go off the deep end and start shooting up children in schools, or at least the school????

Or is it as 'just johnny' noted to me, the clear proof that the Pakistani Flying Saucers are running Harvey Keitel, in his tuxedo, around to all of these places to clean up the Mess that Iranian Flying Saucers have created.

Clearly if the Evil Liberal Media were to truthierly report on how the Iranian Flying Suacers were brutally attacking our Innocent Children, then all true americans WOULD DEMAND an end to the Death Tax and the Capital Gains Tax!!! Since anything less and the Terrorists WIN!

Why Republicans MUST understand Andy Stern

It was somewhat reassuring to read:
"One last thing," he says. "I really think it's critical you reach out to hear from Grover Norquist or Stephen Moore," referring to two influential Republican advocates of the slash-taxes-and-starve-the-government approach to fiscal policy. "You need to understand what they think is core and what might be privatized."

Stern pauses and looks around the room. "We all know what will happen if we talk only among ourselves. We'll end up wanting to preserve everything. And that just ensures we'll be fighting a war of attrition, where it's all about 'How do we hang on to these 100 jobs?' " People start to nod, and he breaks into a wide grin. "Nobody wins a war of attrition. What we need to figure out is ... how we can go on the offensive."

[ cf CNNMoney: The new face of labor ]
Now I can appreciate that out there in VOCHAS land, where they really think of Karl Rove as one of the Greatest Military War Heroes, EVER!!!! It is easy to not know, and not want to know, any of the basic actual lessons from the RealWorld[dm] actual american military.

One of those critical rules is PAINFULLY SIMPLE:
Take Care Of Your Troops.
And they will take care of YOU.
So let us step away from all of that Dungeon And Dragon Mythos about the Mythic Great Armoured Clad Super Hero Warrior, who with one swish of his vorpal blade, can down thousands of iranian flying saucers.

In the real world we have to deal with real issues, and real realities.

Americans can either start sorting out how are they going to deal with "the underclass" and the Plebian Masses, or they will get a chance to work out where exactly they are going to raise the money to hire their own private armies to protect them.

One strategy is to work with the reality that Unions address a set of issues that will always need to be addressed - how to deal effectively with collective bargain as an idea, a tactic, and a way to help those who would otherwise not be able to help themselves.

Underneath that point is the reality, as some of my evil liberal friends have started to sober up and wake up to, namely that 'the wobblies' were right, and that we either have to solve this issue on a planetary basis, or we face what we have watched over the course of the "cold war" - the flight of capital to those nations where the use of "terror" and "fear" tactics by the government make the appearance of a "free maket" the political selling point for why Crushing Organized Labor is qool!!!

The fact that the Wobblies were betrayed on the right wing by the Self Indulgent Americans, because of course Jesus gave america Nuclear weapons, so what is there to worry about!!! While on the Left, the Stalinist Revisionists decided that being the Archetype for the NeoCon Movement to Come was more important than ACTUALLY being concerned about the working class!!!

So while we get ourselves organized to work on Naming the National Fear, Terror And Torture Campaign for 2007, maybe it is time for americans to step away from their Apocalyptic Visions that they will not have to worry because if things get really bad, then Jesus will give them the Rapture and leave the Peasants to clean up the Mess!!!

As such, maybe it is time for the Republicans in our midst to remember whom we are, and more importantly whom we were BEFORE the "democrats for Nixon" made their big move to help them cope with the reality that they could have served in vietnam, they could have served in the cold war! They could have accepted the END of the cold war gracefully - and with it the end of the NEED to play as IF we were the world policeman!!!

What WILL it take for the Republicans to Take BACK the GOP from the NeoConClownCarCrew and the rest of their fellow travellors who are now saying that they had always been "conservatives" rather than Republicans!!! Like DUH, perchance their Ranting about RINO over the last 20 plus years was, a bit too much 'protesting too much' for even them to stomach...

Or put the other way around - what DO the NeoConClownCarCrew have to actually offer americans as an alternative to Andy Stern???

Who knows, perchance if we start taking care of our troops, they may well start taking care of us!!!

Which VOCHAS Again?

The Pentagon on Tuesday defended the quality of recruits entering the military even as the Army accepted older enlistees and more with past criminal problems, no high school diplomas and lower aptitude marks.

"I don't think they're lesser-quality recruits," David Chu, U.S. under secretary of defense for personnel and readiness, told a Pentagon briefing.

The active-duty Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines all made their recruiting goals in fiscal 2006, which ended September 30, in a year when the ongoing Iraq war helped make recruiting for the ground forces especially difficult.

Four of the six reserve components of the military -- the Army Reserve, the Army National Guard, the Navy Reserve and the Air National Guard -- missed their 2006 goals. The Army Reserve and National Guard, which have sent tens of thousands of their part-time soldiers into the 3-1/2-year-old Iraq war, also missed their goals last year.

This year, the Army Reserve missed its goal by 5 percentage points and the Army National Guard by 1 percentage point.

There have been 2,745 U.S. military deaths in the Iraq war, the Pentagon said.

The active-duty Army exceeded its 2006 goal of 80,000 recruits by 635 after missing by almost 7,000 its 2005 target, which also was 80,000. The Army improved its fortunes by using more recruiters and offering richer enlistment bonuses, but also took steps some experts believe could undermine the quality of the force.

About 13,600 regular Army recruits -- 17 percent -- were accepted with waivers for past criminal conduct, drug or alcohol abuse or medical issues such as obesity. That compares to 11,018 such waivers last year, and 7,640 in 2001

[ cf Pentagon defends quality of U.S. military recruits ]
Go Team GO!!!

One really has to wonder how anyone can watch, oh, say, The Country Music Channel, where the Pansy Boys are singing those sad songs about these hard times and the desire to park their boots some cute place...

I mean really, it is bad enough when the traditional effemete east coast wimp whiners are trying to hide behind HanoiAnnie Coulter's Moistened bit, but to have the Grand Old Opre Crowd also backing the dispicable practice of good old boys hoping that some girl will go overseas while they hide back home hoping to pick it and twange it with the rest of the Congressional Pages riding the gravey train of Federal Largess...

But Go Team GO!!! Never mind the 13,600 who had to get waivers to get over the goal llife of 635 - I mean, gosh, it is not like anyone out there said that America had actually been attacked!!! Besides during WWII, which never really lasted as long as the liberal whiners whine about it having lasted, never really required that we send any of the Flower of our effemete East Coast Conservativists....

I mean, my GOSH can you IMAGINE how tough things are, what with:
For many, an evening out in D.C. usually begins with either a large, sometimes expensive, dinner paired with excessive drinking, or a quick bite and a pre-game at a dorm or an apartment. You take a cab to the club and once outside have to make the choice of which line to get on. Often those who frequent the clubs have a table, allowing easy and free access into the club, with no waiting required. The other alternative is the “comp list,” comprised of names of those diligent enough to email a promoter. I assure you, there is no status involved.

For many girls, and even some males, however, it’s whose alcohol you plan to drink which truly becomes the issue of the night.

Keep in mind, there is a social hierarchy in place here at GW, but it doesn’t have to be delineated by funds. If your bank account doesn’t afford for a table each night, there are other options and those make you no less respected or loved.

Live life at the pace your comfortable with – girls can smell when you front.

[ cf GW's gold diggers ]
yes, boys and girls, there IS a social hierarchy in place, and it is not only at George Washington University...

Oh The SilliNeff Factor....

Hum... Could the massive amount of Kabuki Theatre Performances play acting like there was any concern about 'torture' have finally unsprung Senator McCain's mind???

I mean blaming the clintons this many years into the current administration... WHO does he think he is conning now???

Or is it one more case of the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA covering up the Dark Nightmare that if ONLY President Hitlary and her RadFemiNazi's after the coup of 2012 had only been willing to do their part with the super special time machine and gone back and prevented the grand national folly that became the post-millenial emotional trauma....

I mean, it is always Possible the the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA is covering up the True Dark Horrors of the Dark and Sinister Web of Iranian Mental Floss.

It could happen....

Oh hold it, we elected Hitlary and her RadFemiNazi's back in 2000, yeah, that's the ticket, it doesn't require any massive fictional time machine that failes to do the right thing from the future.... If there has ever been any proof why this NATION can not tolerate electing members of the Effemete East Coast Wimps, it is the complete FAILURE of the RadFemiNazi's to protect us from the whirling seas of Ikky Yukky Poohpers out there...

Or is it really that in the current world, it is better to have a Nuclear Device on hand, as it will prevent the americans from accidentally sending in troops to seek to restore the wetlands.... Why Gosh, just like Pakistan and India....