October 6th, 2006


More Persecution Of White Christian America!!!

Should the House Of Representative's Comittee On Ethics still be allowed to issue subpoenas as a part of it's On Going Politics of Self Destruction that has been the mainstay of the persecution of White Christian America by Evil Liberals who are Unwilling to Support the Unified Executive, which as the War President, should not be constrained by any of the failed Leftist Leaning Liberalism of the Failed pre-911 Culture Of Death!!!

I am SHOCKED!!! Just SHOCKED!!!! to read that this so called COE wants to Coerce Testimony Under Penalty of Perjury, et al!!!
A couple of decades after conservatives first rode this backlash into Washington, it is all starting to sound rather quaint. The latest sorry way station on the road down from the moral mountain has been the storm thathas engulfed US politics thisweek.

Mark Foley, a Republican from Florida, resigned his seat in the House of Representatives after it emerged that he had been sending lurid emails and instant messages to congressional pages.

On Monday, this staunch defender of personal responsibility took the well-worn American route of the outed scoundrel and announced he was checking into an alcoholism rehab unit. On Tuesday, as the storm deepened, his lawyer announced that Mr Foley had been sexually abused as a child by a priest. By the weekend, it is expected that he will be urging the FBI to hunt for the real culprit in this tragedy - his mother.

It soon emerged that several Republicans had had their concerns about Mr Foley for a while. There were many stories about how he had been trying to get too "close" to pages. But when the subject was raised with the House of Representatives leadership a year or more ago, no one took firm action to get him to desist. Since this story became public last weekend, Republicans have been casting around for the negligent enablers among themselves.

House members who had had misgivings about Mr Foley blamed the leadership. John Boehner, the majority whip, manfully stepped up to the plate - and said it was all the fault of Dennis Hastert, the Republican Speaker of the House. Mr Hastert, in a brave display of personal responsibility, went cap in hand to the American people - and said the Democrats were to blame: they had deliberately held off on releasing the emails until they knew it would cause maximum political damage in next month's elections.

[ cf Republicans liberal with sex-case blame ]
See!! See!!!!

They should be going after those who are really responsible for this Horror!!!! Harry Potter Novels USED to destroy White Christian America!!!! With it's radical left wing socialist dogma!!! (cf State board will hear woman's objections to Harry Potter)


Clearly now more than ever we must Bomb Canada!!!!

Move DOE into the DOD!!!!

A state lawmaker, worried about a recent string of deadly school shootings, suggested arming teachers, principals and other school personnel as a safety measure and a deterrent.

It might not be politically correct, but it has worked effectively in other countries, Republican Rep. Frank Lasee said Wednesday.

"To make our schools safe for our students to learn, all options should be on the table," he said. "Israel and Thailand have well-trained teachers carrying weapons and keeping their children safe from harm. It can work in Wisconsin."

In Thailand, where officials have been waging a bloody fight with Muslim separatists for the last two years, some teachers carry weapons for self defense as they are viewed as part of the government. In Israel, teachers are not allowed to carry weapons in the school, but security guards at the entrances are armed.

[ cf Wis. lawmaker urges arming teachers ]
Service Leads To Citizenship!!!

Clearly the need to have armed teachers, as we learn from Thailand, helps lead to the safety and certainty of the General Principle - namely that the Generals will resolve which is the Principle for the Nation, and who gets held after school for having been on the wrong side of the General during the Coup...

Ah yes, and then there is Israel - the land that taught us that even Jews can Kill Jews for strictly domestic political expediencies.

Can there be any doubt that the only solution to the growing wave of terrorist attacks on White Christian American Blonde Blue Eyed Bible Believing Virgin Teenage Girls is to continue the Holy Crusade against Iranian Flying Saucers??? Anything less is merely Kapitulating to the Terrorists!!!!

Can anyone doubt that we must bomb Canada to keep america american?