October 3rd, 2006


Even Richard Nixon's Got Soul....

UnNamed sources leaked that there is either a Massive Konikidenk, Or A Konspirakii, that the missing 18 Minutes in the Watergate Tapes, happens to be the exact length of the Alice's Restaurant - inquiring minds want to know what exactly Richard And Crew Were Doing listening to such long haired hippie dippy music????

Gay rights (meme)

Komrade Party Leader autopope meme-d:
"Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - Ernest Gaines

We would like to know who really believes in gay rights on LiveJournal. There is no bribe of a miracle or anything like that. If you truly believe in gay rights, then repost this and title the post as "Gay Rights". If you don't believe in gay rights, then just ignore this. Thanks.

(via autopope via triciasullivan and tamaranth.)

Update: why does the storm in a teacup surrounding this remind me of Catch-22? It's a loyalty oath, folks, is what it boils down to. And I'm sufficiently insecure to feel the need to salute the flag once in a while. YMMV.
I just love the catch-22 factor here in the loyalty oath!!!

But what most folks do NOT seem to grok in all of this is that the protection of 'civil rights' - even IF the person is gay - defends not only 'gays' - but also those whom the HomoPhobic would presume are 'gay'. So one of the real questions here is whether or not one is Supporting "Gay Rights" or more accurately,
The Rights Of Those Who Might Be Considered Gay Irregardless of their Actual Gender Affectional Preference
Which really is NOT quite as emotionally reassuring a notion to the Typical VOCHAS Draft Dodging Woosie White Boy who was hoping to get a social leg up by being Anti-TheyThemThoseFolks.... Which on some weeks is the code word for gays.

How Iraq Keeps Americans Safer

The Freaks over at International Herald Tribune might as well posted their Hate America Propoganda under the Banner title about how the WhatEverInIraq has not stopped Terrrorism in America, instead they called in A list of some fatal shootings at U.S. schools in recent years.

Can anyone doubt that the teaching of Evolution is the Root Cause of this Horror In America?

That and homosexuality, Art House Movies, Liberalism, people who do not play the correct traditional Organ Music to accompany silent movies, not to mention all of the Evil Liberal Red Propoganda That they Spew On TV, such as Hanity And Colombine, and Baba O'Reilly Is upset as they did not make him a Mullah, which clearly are no "leave it to beaver"!!!

Can there be any doubt that we Must Bomb Canada!!!

Or Why We MUST have More FoleyGate Follies

The alternative would be to get bogged down in the dark horror of what is actually going On. I highly recommend digby's take on Bad memories where he notices that while the current regime is trying to Whine About Bob Woodward's Book, and with it the hope that majikally americans will NOW believe the new and improved story, that the CIA had no idea that there were ever any threats out there, things in the actual flow of history were different.

Put your thinking caps on here kids.

How is it that not only Did Tenant Call the emergency briefing about the terrorist threats in July of 2001, but gosh, that was back when the CIA, et al, were still under the legal constraints of not being allowed to Torture People!!! Gosh, Golly, Shock!!! Shock!!! But I guess I really like the dig:
Julia has more on this and points out that Ashcroft slashed funding for terrorism after he had these briefings. Maha notes that nobody has yet adequately explained why Ashcroft stopped flying on commercial airplanes during the period except to say he was worried for his personal safety.
[ op cite ]
Ah yes... those halcyon days....

Back when it was merely about fixing all of the errors that had occurred since the Reagan Regime failed to get it right the first time.

And Now Back to the regularly scheduled Sex Scandal - and then more VideoDrome!!!!! Since, everyone loves HypnoToad!!!! And now we can have it all, Sex, Torture, Patriotism!!! Because HypnoToad says it is SO!!!!

Why Do The Cut And Runners Want To Install Anti-Talibani???

Which ever is Frist's real position, one will enjoy the Christian Science Monitor's Comedic Take on Frist says Afghan war can't be won militarily since those wacky comedic Cut And Runners are talking about an "end game" for the American Time In Afghanistan.....

As if they can skip over the Transition of Command In Afghanistan - from an american Show to one being run by the NATO Command... Which is just so cute, some may recall back in the First Klintonesta Regime there was the Concern from Pat Robertson and Kult, about the "Specialist New" case where working in any sort of Joint Operations Command was some sort Of Anti-Americanism..... Woo Hoo, He now has his own web site as noted by Jeff Lindsay and things are sorta looking up - wow - five years of the current regime and the kids fortune is only 'sorta looking up'. Makes one wonder why he is not getting the sort of support from the Pro-War Crowd as they had hoped and expected when the Shrub was elected. Gosh, could it be, that were the American Regime to back the claims of the Specialist New Case, that more americans would be able to bail out of military service in Afghanistan.

Ah yes... one has Got to love the grand comedy of the NeoConClownShow as they try to preach as if the notion of "Separation of Church And State" were a valuable idea - for those Darkies Overseas - but not the sort of thing one would Embrace here In White Christian America.

So who knows, maybe some folks are not willing to keep on keeping on in Afghanistan until the last enemy of the state has been irradicated. But can we as truly patriotic americans support such Cut And Run Dogma??? Especially after all of the people we have tortured and killed to make Afghanistan the Model of The Modern American Outpost of Freedom beseiged on all sides by the Forces Of Darkness and Evil!!!

the 9/11 Commision Was NOT a white Wash!!!

I should start by offering up mad Prop's for Mojo's La Cage Aux Foley Clang in Real Work at Hand... since it really does give the Great Spin to the wonders of Modern American Art, where Reality keeps impersonating Art, as a direct attack on the Copyright Principles..... I think it will help most folks to just go for the whole Foley Does Gene Hackman in Drag Dancing his way out from under the lenses of the political paparatzi!!!

In similar happy thoughts, one really does have compliment FireDogLake: NRCC Uses Small Children As Human Shields. Since, Wow!!! Now there is the level of Moral Courage we have grown to expect from the whole Culture Of Death that is the Living Embodiment of the Cut And Runners who are the God Hating America Bashers who ran away from the "war" long before they even knew that they were running...

But I must take Mojo to task on his assertion
So the 9/11 commission was even more of a white wash than initially thought.

It appears that George Tenet has chosen his time to strike very well. So now we have something of a confirmation that the National Security team not only had advanced warning of the 9/11 attack, but then started firing people who complained about their inattention to it, like Richard Clarke.

( op cit )
Hello!!! Hello!!! Hello!!!

Of all of the play pretend acts of looking like they cared or were concerned, why should the 9/11 Commission's Fabulous Fiction be any less Truthier than say DisneyLand's "Path to 9/11" - I mean do you want this nation to retreat into the dark night of the Failed Liberalism of pre-911 culture where facts were considered actual things, rather than dangerous Terroristical Weapons Of DOOM!!!!

This is exactly why the President NEEDS VIDEODROME!!! now more than ever!!! If the president is prevented from torturing anyone he wants any time he wants, how are americans going to be protected from the growing threat that american may yet back slide into the Dark Horror of A Fact Based Society!!! Thinnk of the Innocent CHildren!!!