September 27th, 2006


That Declassified NIE

barring the gory details, and the fact that there is a lot of so called 'intelligence product' - like the proto-NIE that was specifically about Iraq, that has not yet come out of committe, there is the question of Actual textual integrity.

When the President Releases the "declassified" version, will it still have the tastefully artistic cartooning in it that helps Great Leader Understand
The Dark And Sinister Evil Web Of Iranian Mental Floss
or will there be a need to expunge from the report anything that might make the president look any more stoopid than he does.

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz - I mean, will it even admit that there are american troops in places like Iraq and Afghanistan???

Oh Stay Tuned!!!

The Stab In THE BACK continues.

Is anyone really surprised that the Evil Klintonesta's Are ATTACKING OUR VALIANT FIGHTING FORCES AT THE FRONT!!!!!
Congress is on the verge of barring the construction of permanent bases for U.S. forces in Iraq, a move aimed at quelling concerns in the Arab world that American forces will remain in the war-torn country indefinitely.

The ban, which was inserted into the annual defense spending bill, won House approval Tuesday night when the chamber overwhelmingly approved the mammoth defense appropriations bill, 394-22.

The Senate is expected to vote on the $448-billion defense spending bill this week.

Pentagon and State Department officials have insisted that the U.S. military is not building permanent American bases in Iraq and that all facilities under construction will be handed over to the Iraqi government.

[ cf House Passes Ban on Permanent Iraq Bases ]
Oh Yea, we so believe that.

But how many years of occupation in temporary quarters does it take to be not a permenant occupation force???

Can Americans REALLY AFFORD this sort of Open Cut And Run Kapitulationists Appeasement Policy by the Radical Left Wing AntiWar Draft Dodgers in Congress, the State Department, and The Pentagon!!!! Who have become totally fearful of the Ever Expanding Ever Engulfing Dark And Sinister. Evil Iranian Web Of Mental Floss!!!!!

I am just SHOCKED!!! SHOCKED that the Cut And Runners are so Brutally Stabbing Our Valiant Fighting Forces On The Bulwark Of Freedom So Viciously in the Back with Their God Hateing America Bashing!!!

What If...

America was NOT the Global Policeman?

And it was not an American Responsibility to pick up the White Man's Burden that the Anglo-French forces failed to maintain when they ran away from their colonies and then botched the Suez Canal Coup in 1956....


What if it were time for americans to work out why we should be renting Hessians to fight an Imperial Storm Trooper War that Whiney Snivelly NeoCon VOCHAS just do not have the Moral Integrity to Step Up to the Plate And Enlist IN!!!!!

One really does have to wonder which side the "cut and run" comedy shows are really all about???

Must Bomb Canada

Well one more Hostage Taker/shooter who says he has explosives has taken over some high school in Colorado.

Would this be the wrong time to point out that Cherry Picking the NIE to avoid the Moral Obligation, the Clear And Compelling Obligation, to Bomb Canada to keep americans safe from WackJobs who take over High Schools???? I mean people can not, in light of 09/11, actually believe that these are merely Civilian Police/Law Enforcement efforts, but MUST finally accept that we are In a Complete And UnUtterable War With Canada and can do no less but to back our valiant fighting forces as they Bomb Canada to Keep America American!!!!

Anything Less and American will succcumbe to
The Dark And Sinister EVIL Web of Iranian Mental Floss
or the next draft round pick for why we are more at war than ever before! Which ever comes first.