September 26th, 2006


Can There Be Any Doubt.....

Shock!!!! Shock!!! Shock!!!!

Mel Gibson comes out against AMERICA and it's involvement in Iraq!!!

What clearer proof do we need that there is some sort of Evil Satanic ZionistBolshivikiBankingKonspirakii ....

Or is that what THEY want us to think??? As they try so desperately to cover the tracks of the Dark
And Sinister Evil Web of Iranian Dental Floss!!!

That Cut And Run Meme....

Hum... the other day tongodeon was Whining in Political strategists who should be fired about the attack on an Iraqi Veteran double amputee by the GOP political opposition with the usual poseur posturing on the pretext of a concern about 'cut and run'.

Gosh, Golly Gee Whiz Kids....

These are the same folks who tried to explain that we should support getting into Iraq, because it was really cool and everyone believed in it, so why not jump on the Band Wagon. They also tried irrerlevant trivia contests about things like WMD's and some correlation to Al-Qaeda. Both of which have fallen by the way side. So the Meme was replaced with the "to bring democracy to Iraq" and we were suppose to be all impressed that the elections were some sort of step some where. Never Mind that we had destroyed a Secular Regime to install an Islamic Republic.

But as we have been watching, the current Pro-Iranian Regime in Baghdad has been working it's wonder with being, well, gosh, a Radical Religious Regime.... what some would call just one more Islamo-Fascist Regime....

So what substance does the 'cut and run' meme carry with it???

Especially now while the President has decided that maybe by pretending to "transparency in government" we too will be able to read the sanitized version of the Current NIE and hope that we can spin something more Positive about the need to keep on getting American GI's Killed, Maimed And Wounded so that the VOCHAS can keep on Hiding In The Rear With The Beer....

But wait. Let us step back for a moment.


We have a group of conspirators who want to destroy secular states to turn them into Islamo-Fascist Regimes!!! Who are afraid of the idea of turning over the Problems in Iraq to the UN, like the Israeli's did with Lebanon, and want to keep on training Islamic Extremist Fighters In Iraq....

Sounds way too much like, well, gosh, golly, gee whiz,
The Dark And Sinister Evil Web Of Iranian Dental Floss
and it's growing Legion Of Those Too Afraid TO BE IN THE FIGHT wanting, gosh, as always, that someone else take responsibility for their actions....


Koinkidenk Or Konspirakii, You Be The Judge!!!

Must Bomb Canada

Hum... The Evil British are suggesting:
The US has lost its status as the world's most competitive economy, according to the World Economic Forum.
The US now ranks only sixth in the body's league table of global competitiveness, behind Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Singapore.

Risks attached to the large US trade and fiscal deficits prompted its fall.

The UK has retained its place among the world's 10 most competitive economies but China, Russia and Brazil have all fallen down the rankings.

[ cf US loses top competitiveness spot ]
While over at the Mojo Wire we hear the Whining And Bleating
Great... we are officially codifying the President's ability to order acts recognizable by any sentient being on the planet as criminal acts of violence.

Wonderful compromise. We'll let the Maximum Leader, decide what is and is not torture, in exchange for indemnifying his gang for their felonious conduct, except in circumstances that would take a Hudud tribal court to convict.

[ cf Don't Worry, It's Only A Shower ]
Ah yes, always is with the Dark Side They Are!!!

Never looking at the glowing positive Up Side Here!!!!

no longer do we need to export those high paying jobs torturing people to ferrign devils who do not have Evil Like Americans Hate Evil!!!!! No More worrying about who is and who is NOT a part of
The Dark And Sinister, Evil Web Of Iranian Dental Floss
because NOW, Finally, Five Years After the Hiddeous And Heinous ATTACK by Iranian Flying Saucers, Congress and the White House have decided to join forces to Make America the Leading Economic Light in the Hot New Tech Trend In TORTURING THE INNOCENT!!!!!

Can there be any doubt any more that Since Canada Has Oil that God Has Called Us To HOLY CRUSADE AGAINST THEM!!!

It is the only way to keep America American!!!!

Why Does Dubya hate Jesus???

I mean, let us think about this for a moment. Clearly we all understand that we must go on sacrificing american GI's in Iraq, so that Jesus will still love us.

Or is that Gibson Quip about Mere Human Sacrifices suggesting that Sending human beings off to get killed in a useless Fiasco, well, simply sending them to a Slaughter that would Not make Jesus Happy to be able to drink their fresh blood!!!

But IF Jesus does not want these daily blood sacrifices, then why does Dubya Keep on making the Public Calls for More Blood Sacrifices???

What if the real problem with the panderers of Death And Destruction as their Only Aphrodisiac is that they are STILL afraid that if the american troops were to leave Iraq, that americans would start asking impolite questions about why the VOCHAS wanted all of those blood sacrifices in the first place!!!! That americans might ask these "no cut and run" why it is that they are still the ones leading the charge to the REAR....

Ah yes, perchance if americans could work out why Dubya Hates Jesus, they might be able to work out why they want to stay or leave....

Evil Doers Are Everywhere

One Evil Liberal Parasite sent me the information about War On Terror The Board Game - and I was SHOCKED!

Shocked! Shocked!!!!!

Such blatant War Profiteering By Ferrign Devils!!!

Don't They Understand that only DisneyLandLeftists can earn War Profits!!!

I mean what SORT OF SICK MIND would take a nation to war simply because there was no more obvious a means to pass tax payer dollars to their Corporate Welfare Friends In Such An EVIL and Obviously Unamerican Way as This!!!!

These EVIL DOING EVIL DOERS are clearly a part of the Vast Monolithic
Dark And Sinister Evil Web of Iranian Dental Floss
and they are so clearly violating so many of the Patriot Act Standards by openly Aiding And Comforting Global Evil Doers with their Super Secret Messaging System!!!!

Can there be any doubt that we MUST bomb canada to keep america safe!!!