September 25th, 2006


Time For A New Meme

Yes, we have been running the Holy Crusade Against Iranian Flying Saucers for a while now, and I think, well, it might be time for a change given the new and Improved, Family Sized National Intelligence Estimate - that made the front cover of the Sunday NYT.

The New Meme starts with the root
Iranian Dental Floss
which offers a solid base when address the convolutions of what must Clearly BE the
Web Of Iranian Dental Floss
and allows us to grow forward into the more classical Zen Noir Notion of say
Dark And Sinister Web Of Iranian Dental Floss
which could cover everything from say This Film Is Not Yet Rated through all of the other Evil Sinister Liberal Plots and Conspiracies...

Yes, clearly a Great New And Improved progression from the simply sci fi basis for wanting to Nuke Iraq^Hn now more than ever!!!

Does Negroponte Support Negroponte To Win The What Ever????

It was so comical yesterday that the NYT's put the NIE ( national intelligence estimate ) on how well the Current Fandango in Iraq has helped Metastesize Islamo-Fascims in the Middle East, Asia, South Saharan Africa, and other places....

And of course today our friends over at newsMax are reporting that Negroponte is dissing Negroponte on the report - since while it is true that It goes out over his signature as the Great Lord Of National Intelligence there is really no reason to hold him responsible for things that his organization asserts in public over his signature....

Could It Be Time For A New Meme....