September 18th, 2006


Those Radical Left Wing Anti-War Peace Freak Elitists...

In an appearance on CBS's Face The Nation, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has offered a spirited defense of the Geneva Conventions, while disagreeing with President Bush on the approach to take with prisoner interrogations in the war on terror.

Citing his twenty-two years of service in the Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps, the first term senator said, "We cannot have a great nation when we start redefining who we are under the guise of redefining our law." He stated that he was not concerned about any consequences in his home state as a result of his position on legislation under consideration by the Senate.
[ cf Senator Graham offers strong defense of Geneva Convention ]

To find out that mere appealing to the Actual Law By The Radical Extremists From The Reality Based Community as a central theme of their Bush Bashing Pro-Al-Qaeda, Shove The Pretty Blonde Blue Eyed White Christian American Virgin Teen Age Girl Into The Gas Chambers And Crematoriums because they want to stab our valiant fighting forces In THE BACK!!!!

Where DO these sorts Get Off in a Time of Transferring The Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn!!!

More Whiskey Bar Whining....

I Mean WHAT IS with these Whiney Liberals????
Chandrasekaran's article is taken from his new book, Imperial Life in the Emerald City, which is definitely a great title as well as a great gag ("This doesn't look like Kansas, Toto!") I wish I'd thought of it. The book appears to be part of a trend on the part of the Washington Post and its reporters to tell the paper's readers all the things they badly needed to know three years ago about the conduct of the Iraq War.
But it wasn't the Washington Post or the New York Times or The Wall Street Journal or any of the other corporate media that originally broke the story. It was the blogosphere's own Josh Marshall, Laura Rozen (of War and Piece) and Colin Soloway, writing for the Washington Monthly, in December 2003. That was almost three years ago. And now -- only now -- it's showing up on the front page of a major national newspaper.

Better late than never, I suppose. But it's a little late to set things right. The CPA is part of history now, with only a failed war to remember it by. And, of course, the 2,683 American soldiers (and counting) who had to die to provide all those Republican Party hacks with another line on their resumes.

[ cf Whiskey Bar: The RNC Branch Office on the Tigris ]
I Mean, HELLO!!!!

It was not like anyone really believed that Going After Osama Bin Laden was going to make things any better.

Besides, those were tough economic times, and the Government needed to make Jobs Available to Folks, and if that Means Accidentally Inserting a whole Lot Of American Troops into some Other Nation, Well, what IS wrong with that as a basis for Installing a Coalitional Provincial Authority....

These ARE times of Transferring The Tax Liabilities Unto The Unborn.... And those Iranian Flying Saucers Could Come Back!!! And People Need to Support The President To Support The Troops!!!!

Some Days God IS Merciful....

Bill Kristol urges the Republicans to campaign on torturing military detainees. It could indeed shore up parts of the base. The capitulation of neoconservatism to the evil it once fought against is now complete.
[ cf AndrewSullivan: Kristol's Advice
( by way of TalkingPointsMemo: Neoconservatism and moral clarity) ]
Blink. Blink. Blink.

Now that Andrew Sullivan has come out in support of Gawd Hating America Bashers bent upon the Destruction Of Our White Christian America, we are suppose to take his dishing it at KomradePartyGruppenLeader Bill Kristol Serious How, and/or, Why???


What Ever SHOULD those VOCHAS be campaigning on? An Improvement in the Medicare Programme so that their Pet Disease, ChickenHawkAngstSydrome makes the Number One with a Bullet!!!! And a whole lot of the appropriate Drug Solutions!!!

More Reasons To Bomb Canada!!!

The attorney general warned the US at the weekend that its bill to try to limit its obligations under the Geneva convention while interrogating and trying detainees risked international condemnation.

Lord Goldsmith waded into the row after a Senate committee rejected the bill and backed alternative legislation proposed by Republican senator John McCain and supported by George Bush's former secretary of state, Colin Powell.

The attorney general's comments, in a lecture to lawyers in Chicago, signal an attempt by Britain to bring the US back in line with international law. The bill follows a US supreme court ruling that the Geneva convention's prohibitions on torture apply to al-Qaida members, which the Bush administration had denied.

[ cf Guardian: Attorney general warns US on torture bill ]
SHOCK! Shock! Horror! HORROR!!!!

Ferrign Devils Attempting To USURP the Divine Will of the Divinely Appointed Divine Decider!!!!

For added flavor, one does have to wonder how this would play out in say tongodeon thread Kerry vs. Bush vs. Bush On Foreign Policy and the GROWING HORROR That there are Ferrign Devils All Around The United States of America and all of them are Surrounding America with their Anti-Americanism!!!! Made all the worse as the Evil Klintonesta noted
Q Well, recently you've also described bin Laden as a sort of modern day Hitler or Mussolini. And I'm wondering why, if you can explain why you think it's a bad idea to send more resources to hunt down bin Laden, wherever he is?

THE PRESIDENT: We are, Richard. Thank you. Thanks for asking the question. They were asking me about somebody's report, well, special forces here -- Pakistan -- if he is in Pakistan, as this person thought he might be, who is asking the question -- Pakistan is a sovereign nation. In order for us to send thousands of troops into a sovereign nation, we've got to be invited by the government of Pakistan.

( Op Cit, Emphasis in Original )
I mean how CAN americans sleep at night Knowing That the Klintonesta In The WHITE HOUSE is alllowing Ferrign Devils to resolve what is in the Best Interest Of American National Security!!!

Think of the Children!!!! The Innocent Children!!!!

Because Ferrign Devils Are Ferrign, And Devils....

Hungary's left-of-centre leadership was on the verge of collapse today after a public radio station broadcast the Prime Minister, Ferenc Gyurcsany, admitting that he had lied repeatedly about the state of the economy.

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside the Hungarian parliament building in Budapest demanding the resignation of Mr Gyurcsany after he acknowledged that a tape recording broadcast yesterday was genuine. President Laszlo Solyom said the country was in "moral crisis".

[ cf Hungary in 'moral crisis' after PM caught lying ]
Like SOOOO Last Century!!!

Clearly what the Hungarian PM needs to do is show how He Has ALWAYS supported The HOLY CRUSADE against Iranian Flying Saucers, and that in a Time of Transferring The Tax Liability Unto The Unborn that ONE MUST retain Strategic Deception, since The TERRORRISTS ARE LISTENING and that anyone who does not Support The Holy Crusade Against Iranian Flying Saucers is a Satanist Who Hates JESUS and Pushed INNOCENT Pretty Blonde Blue Eyed Virgin Teen Age Girls Into the Crematoriums And Gas Chambers!!!!

It might play out better in the Original German, but it clearly would help the PM sort out who is Patriotic and who are merely Whinely Liberals not willing to back the New And Improved Klintonesta Policies...