September 14th, 2006


One More Ugly MeMe

You scored as British and the Commonwealth. Your army is the British and the Commonwealth (Canada, ANZAC, India). You want to serve under good generals and use good equipment in defense of the western form of life.


British and the Commonwealth




France, Free French and the Resistance


United States




Soviet Union








In which World War 2 army you should have fought?
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Are We Terrorised Yet???

Hum... here we are five plus years into the current failed Klintonesta Policy of Focusing on the Fiasco In Iraq, rather than dealing with the root cause issues of Al-Qaeda, and we have a President who needs new Powers to Expand The Divine Imperial Executive and to bloat out the Federal Bureacracy.....

Hum... One really does have to wonder how much longer the TreeHuggerInChief will be able to pretend that he and his friend DICK are, well, 'conservative' in any way other than the traditional Stalinist Model so popular amongst the sort of YAFies who loved Nixon and wanted to destroy a Free Republic to install their preferred Police State Dictatorship to spread fear and terror amongst the electorate!!! So that the electorate would be willing to give up more and more tax dollars to fund the ongoing folly of the Police State.

Hum... What if being conservative were about something other than supporting the Police State Terrorising the electorate to shake them down for their lunch money...

Those Scary NeoConClownCarCrew Cartoonists

In today's National Comedy Festival - some rabid rightWingNutJob, trying to put the old, but those Evil Liberal Democrats do this all the time, failed to think through their Spin. So that they would have something to whine at about "making a political football out of a tragedy" - they had to put some sort of a Football into the Democrats hands, to match the "9/11" football the republican football player clad elephant image was carrying.

Toe, Foot, BANG!!!!

They up and admit that iraq IS the tragedy that the Evil Democrats are trying to turn into a Political Football....

WOW!!! Finally someone has made the correct correlation between 9/11 and Iraq!!!!! In both cases over 3,000 american and allied Troops were killed for Strictly Domestic Political Partisan PranksterIsms...

And yes, of course the folks in the WTC were 'troops' - this is the new and improved new world order of the post-911 world where there are only two groups of people left - THOSE WHO ARE OUR LAWFUL COMBATANTS and the Evil Liberal Enemy Illegal Combatants, so of course everyone, including the children in the day car center in the WTC had to have been Troops In The Holy Crusade Against Evil!!!

What adds the special sauce to this happy moment was the Obvious Red Communist Propoganda Spin Doctoring that the Evil Liberals In The Evil Liberal Commie Propoganda Rag, The San Jose Mercury, where they were trying DESPERATELY to sound AS IF they had at one time been near to a Patriotic All American Publication!!! But their Red Communist Roots Kept showing through their Red AgitProp Spin Doctoring of the recent funeral of a Navy Seal, cut down In Afghanistan, trying to protect the retreat of his ship mates, because the US Military had so lost control of the situation in Afghanistan that they are sending in 4 person SEAL teams to try and Kidnap Or Kill, where have we heard that line before, the "Militia Commanders" of the Taliban, who are running the Military Insurgency against the Puppet Regime in Kabul.

Hum.... Yes, it does help explain WHY the Squidly One got a Navy Cross, but it does complicate the Pious Posturing of the SatOnTheirFaceCrowd who are hoping that their VOCHAS status will get them excused.... But there is that, well, gosh, Ugly Part of the Process here. Namely why we are losing the bloom of our Special Warfare Troops in the failed Nation State of Afghanistan RATHER than trying to get on with the alledged process of Getting Criminal Convictions of the Folks involved in the 9/11 Murders....

Oh yeah, that way does take us back to the whole question of why exactly ARE we continuing that Failed Klintonesta Posturing in Iraq about "so called regime change", when, gosh, there were No Al-Qaeda Troopers there until after the American Provisional Government asked them into Iraq....

Hum... Makes one wonder why the Republican Senators have opted to support a LAWFUL POLICY on dealing with the so called 'whatever on terrorism' that is the FanZine Fodder of the DraftDodgerSet of the "we are conservatives not republican" Crew.... Could it be that it is finally time to tell the Klintonesta In The White House it is SOOOO TIME TO GO HOME!!!!

Oh No! They Are At IT again!!!

The Evil Radical Left Wing Communist AgitProp Klique, Blomberg News is reporting That Radical Klintonesta Stab Our Troops In The Back, Party Loyalist Group Leader Bolton is Telling His Blue Helmetted One Worlder OverLords The UN that Sectarian Violence in Iraq Is Increasing!!!

Are YOU as SHOCKED!!!! SHOCKED!!!! I tell you that Radical Left Wing Klintonesta Like Bolton have been allowed to openly engage in such God Hating America Bashing as to Spread Defeatist Propoganda as a part of their Stab Our Troops In The Back Festival!!!!

I am just SHOCKED!!!!