August 28th, 2006


extracts from comedy mail

* In the last four weeks, our volunteers have contacted more than 2.2 million voters through phone calls and door-to-door efforts, and registered thousands of new Republican voters.

* Grassroots volunteers talking to their neighbors are still the best way of convincing undecided voters to support our Republican candidates. We need to make sure we have the resources to fully fund these volunteer programs through November 7.

* Republicans are slightly behind in most national polls. But when the voters we reached heard about our Party's message of winning the War on Terror and reducing the tax burden, Republicans pulled even. If we can reach even more voters with this message, there is no doubt in my mind that we will retain our Republican majorities in November.

{ from our friend Ken Mehlman forwarding email from Michael DuHaime - RNC Political Director }

I love the idea of fully funding a volunteer movement.

It ranks right up there with this idea, never clarified, of how exactly ARE we going to win the war on terror???

Or is that 'victory' a part of reducing the tax burden as we start paying for defense as IF we were only going to pay active duty military folks in actual money, and not vague promises.... And that we were going to pay, "not a nickle more for defense than is needed" as if we were those good old fashion "I like Ike" republicans of fiscal responsibility, rather than the current crop of "spend and not tax" types who do things like PROMISE federal recovery aid to NYC, and the Gulf Coast, but of course can not get around to coughing up the money because the government has become bogged down with re-hiring Haliburtan as an excuse to keep american troops deployed in Iraq....

Ah yes, so what exactly IS the war winning strategy? that we keep on keeping onn until someone else has to be held accountable. You KNOW, that whole "stay the course" directive...