August 21st, 2006


why does Hate America?

Their Propoganda Piece starts out:
Yesterday, a Democrat-appointed judge in Detroit sided with the ACLU and ordered an immediate halt to the terrorist surveillance program. This decision is a reminder of what is at stake in 2006. Will we use every tool in our arsenal to respond to emerging threats, or embrace the Democrat-ACLU position that just made it harder for our intelligence agencies to detect terrorist plots inside the United States?
[ spam mail from our friends in the alledged GOP ]
Gosh, are things that bad that they hope lying to Vets will work?

Why are these NeoConCrud in the GOP so afraid of being honest about what is really going on???

More importantly Why DO they hate america?

Or are they really making that desperate appeal, hoping that americans will vote them out of office, and then start the long and tedious process of indicting and convicting them for their crimes???? Since that seems to be the only way that so many of them can get past their current additiction and issues....

Ah yes, what if the nation had actually been at war, and it had been their responsibility to actually support the troops by being actually honest about the actual issues... Rather than hoping that openly LYING TO AMERICANS was a work around.

More Creative Back Tracking....

WASHINGTON –– The administration of US President George W. Bush has begun reclassifying information about the numbers of US strategic weapons during the Cold War, even though it had been once provided to the Soviet Union, The Washington Post reported Monday.

Citing a new report by the National Security Archive, the newspaper said the Pentagon and the Department of Energy are again treating as secret information about Minuteman, Titan II and other missiles, blacking out the information on previously public documents.

"It would be difficult to find more dramatic examples of unjustifiable secrecy than these decisions to classify the numbers of US strategic weapons," the paper quoted William Burr, a senior analyst at the archive as saying.

The Post said the report comes at a time when the Bush administration's penchant for government secrecy has troubled researchers and bred controversy over agency efforts to withhold even seemingly innocuous information.

Major Patrick Ryder, a Pentagon spokesman, is quoted in the report as saying that "the Department of Defense takes the responsibility of classifying information seriously." "This includes classifying information at the lowest level possible," Ryder said.

Bryan Wilkes, a spokesman for the National Nuclear Security Administration, a division of the Energy Department, said his agency focused on scrubbing declassified documents for sensitive US nuclear weapons information that, in the wrong hands, could be used to harm Americans, The Post said. –– AFP

[ citing US makes missile data secret again: Report ]

Things once known are now secret again, such that the knowing of them in public will again be a criminal crime of criminality!!! The vicious and brutal terrorist Plot!
Memory Is Terrorism
But there is a clear up side here! With just the right marketting spin, who knows, we can get the VOCHAS to buy into the theory that America actually rescued Japan from the Vicious and brutal attack of the Iranian Flying Saucers on Hiroshima and Nagasaki!!!

Yeah, that's the ticket!!! Now more than ever americans must support the Correct Memories, and the Correct History!!!

Or Those Darn Iranian Flying Saucers will Return!!!

Can The IDF Bug Out On Lebanon???

Clearly given all of the rhetorical posturing of the Americans, any Cut And Run, that the IDF might do in Lebanon, even IF in full compliance with the UN Declaration would be, as they say, "A Total Victory For The Terrorists."

Yet as we know, as long as the IDF remain in Lebanon it is just one More Stab In The Back by the Israeli's as they call into question the American Mission Accomplished dance that was such the Disco Craze....

All of which leaves open the on going question - why ever did Israel ABANDON the Syrians, and decide to stop before totally destroying ever last person in Lebanon who was not on their side???? Can this be anything other than more of the same old Stab In The Back by the Israel as they Openly Offer Aid And Comfort To The Enemy In A Time when the americans are transferring their tax liability unto the Unborn, and as such must be really badder than any of the other things that they have done....

Or is there really one set of ideological tokens that the americans use when whining about their regime, and another when whining about other regimes, and there is no real need to work on a unified theory of politics, language, or even formal logic - since, well, there is all of that need for the War Stuff.....

Where are the VOCHAS in The Holy Crusade???

Hum... there are moderates noting that the Conservatives are trying to distance themselves from the President. There are conservatives who are hoping that no one will notice that they are still taking it in the Rear With That Texas Long Neck Beer - while they chew up the evil liberals who are all advocating the so called "cut and run" strategy.....

But gosh kids, where ARE THE VOCHAS????

Here we are Five Years On in the Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers, and they are still hoping that no one is noticing that they are still in the Rear With The Beer!!!!

Why, after all of the political posturing about the need to secure the Syrian-Iran Plain, are we still not seeing all of the additional military facilities that would have been in full swing after three years of WWII, to provide the Boots that we are going to need for the March To Total Victory!!!!

Since clearly we can not afford that Israeli Style Cut And Run Strategy!!! Not as the world's last great nuclear armed super power, who has a prestige issue that it is still working out!!!!!

So where are the Troops!!!! The Hundreds Of Thousands Of Ground Troops it is going to take to occupy and re-educate Syria, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, and ....

Or are the VOCHAS just secretly signalling the ENEMY that they are the Kapitulationists, and hope that no one will ever have confused them with ever having at any time supported TheTreeHuggerInChief's WACKY plan to restore the Wetlands in Iraq - because, well, gosh, no one ever thought that it was going to really change anything, or that the nation was actually at war, or that there was any real need for any of the military like stuff....

Gosh, Golly, Gee Whiz!!! Where Are The VOCHAS??? and which side of their mouth are they still standing on?