August 7th, 2006


Why Does Senator Rick Santorum Hate America???

After a meeting with a Pennsylvania-based activist Adrian Shanker,
US Senator Rick Santorum (R-PA) has signed onto a letter affirming
that his office does not discriminate in hiring on the basis of
sexual orientation or gender identity, PageOneQ has learned.

[ cf Gay group: 'Santorum has signed gay protections ]
And you HAVE To See that tie he is wearinng!!!!

I Mean, that is like SOOOO Superman Returns, if you know what I mean....

I mean where is HanoiAnnieCoulter playing FagHagInDrag outing the Outiest of Outers!!!!

What Next?

Will the Rickster come out supporting some sort of Equal Rights For Zombies???? Want Gay HomoZexual Zombie Satanic Al-Qaeda Cyborg Pirate Canadianists moving into the the same neighborhoods as decent people, and marrying their White Blonde Blue Eyed Virgin Christian Girls!!!!

Where Will It End???

Another 3rd Year Mile Stone

A CIA contractor accused of beating an Afghan prisoner so badly that he died two days later went on trial for assault on Monday in a case that raises questions about the treatment of detainees by interrogators.

David Passaro, a former Special Forces medic who worked under contract with the CIA, is the first civilian to be charged with abusing a detainee in U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Passaro is charged with four counts of assault and accused of using his hands, feet and a large flashlight to beat Abdul Wali, an Afghan detainee, who died two days after the interrogation in June 2003.

The indictment says he did "knowingly and intentionally assault Abdul Wali with a dangerous weapon and such assault resulted in serious bodily injury to Abdul Wali."
Passaro maintains his innocence and his lawyers on Monday argued that the interrogation itself was necessary because the base was under attack.

[ cf Reuters: CIA contractor goes on trial over Afghan abuses ]
Once Upon A Time...

In america, if you beat a person so badly that they died, you were put on trial for the charge of manslaughter in the least.

Wow, and to seek the excuse that because the base was under attack, and had been under attack before and after, that this justified Destruction of the Information Container....

So who knows, maybe the trial will have the correct verdict. It might even oblige folks at the CIA to make commitments as to which of their policy posturing positions were the ones that they really held about what is acceptable Torture when seeking to commit Aggrevated Battery sufficient to commit the death of an Information Container.

Or most likely not.

Maybe NOW the VOCHAS will get over their chicken hawk syndrom and Into the War On Whatever.... Especially since this is going on before a US District Judge, and would not really require the VOCHAS to travel abroad to engage in acts of Vindications OF Their Holiness...

Or most likely not.

US Support For Lebanon Issue

Does this really mean that we are prepared to FINALLY move in and liberate both Syria And Iran so as to prevent them from ever again selling any form of Real Or Imaginary Iranian Flying Saucer Technology to any other nation state, or terrorist organization, including Israel!!!!

Or does the current american position about the need for sanctions, and the military rhetorical posturing not work in the same way, and hence that in this case the Americans Support the UN's Divine Right to Posture without being in any actual process....

Unholy Radical Leftist Extremists Judicial Activism Flying Rodent Perkin!!!

The Texas Republican Party has lost its final attempt to have Tom DeLay declared ineligible to run for the congressional seat he held for more than 20 years.

GOP attorneys filed an application Monday with U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia for stay of enforcement of an appeals panel’s ruling that either DeLay must remain on the general election ballot in the race for Congress, or the party can field no candidate.

Later Monday afternoon, Justice Scalia denied the application, according to a public information officer with the Supreme Court.

[ cf Scalia Denies GOP's Last Stab At Dropping DeLay From Ballot ]

Komrade Party Member Antonin Scalia turns out to be the Poster Child for Radical Leftists Extremists Judicial Activism....

Tell Me It Isn't So Flying Rodent Perkin!!! What ever did the Evil Liberal Media Meat Puppets DO to him???

Why Not Allow that "Only Following Orders" defense?

Ah yes boys and girls the game is SERIOUSLY AFOOT!!! Since not only are we going to see the opening act of the play, but the Black Robed Tyrannts who have been engaged in Radical Leftists Liberalists Legislation From The Bench, are currently in the game of preventing any of the current administration from having to testify in court on their policy and position.

There are of course a few players who may still be questioned, but this will probably not allow for the "i was only following orders" defense, which both comically and ironically, the US Congress hung out there as a work around, having become so upset that so many american troops were being tried for war crimes in american courts, that they hoped to exchange the Old American Legal Standard that "i was only following orders" might work for Sgt Schultz on Hogan's Heroes, but it would not stand in an american court of Law!!!

So if the Evil Radical Leftists Liberal Black Robed Tyrannts do not allow the young man who is trying to hard to defend himself against the charge of Assault, mere assault, not even murder, in the death of an Afghani Information Containter, then what was the point of Congress making it clear that all american troops were really just Sgt. Schultz, this is Hogan's Heroes, and, well those things happen from time to time.

Wasn't the whole Point of the congressional act to offer the sort of inducement that would get the VOCHAS up and over the top and into the Holy Crusades??? So how are the typical white suburban whiner boys, who really wanted to be great war heroes, but are suffering tremendously from VOCHAS, suppose to see their congressional support for them, if these Evil Radical Leftists Liberal Black Robed Tyrannts do not allow the poor dear one to plead his case and show that everyone understood what the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! had always left as the standing orders when it comes to not really worrying about the quality of the Intelligence Product, because some times you have to break a few Information Containers to make a Quiche Viche!!!!

That Fed Funds Future Rate and Dollar Policy

Uh, should folks really be betting against the Fed coughing up 25 bips, in an effort to help deflate the US Dollar, so as to ease that part of the over all crissis forward??? Knowing full well that the real economic controls in dollar denominated issues are no longer really in the hands of Americans, or their government....

So will we get the traditionalists Nixonian StagFlation???

Or do we have to wait until after we have Iraqi-ized ThatIraqiThingiePooh????