August 3rd, 2006


annihilate Rational Thought

It was tough enough yesterday, when the comedy over at digby, this annoying covverage of I Never Said That where the basic problem is that some NeoConClownCarCrew spends the first part of their diatribe whining that they want more Holy War Against Syran - their mythological country that composes the Syrian-Iranian Plain - and the second half of their rant whining at the liberals who have been noting that the NeoCons would really like to grow out their Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers, by doing precisely the sort of Holy War Against Syran.

Today, I find that our Dear Friend, HanoiAnnieCoulter is, on top of hoping that the Clintons are Gay, which is probably true, since, they are from different genders and are legally married to each other and raised at least one child, which are all well known symptoms of HomoSexuality in the New World Order. But she is also trying to figure out why she Still Hates Reagan, is this one of those Father Substitute things????
Days after claiming Reagan brought "historic pause" to Islamic terrorism against U.S., Coulter suggested Reagan's actions in Beirut helped bring about 9-11

Summary: Days after crediting former President Ronald Reagan for achieving "an amazing, historic pause in Muslim extremists' relentless war on America," Ann Coulter suggested that the Reagan administration's decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Beirut, Lebanon, in 1984, helped bring about the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

[ cf MediaMatters Reports ]
No wonder these folks have issues. They can't even keep their smanky straight with in their own article, why worry about holding the same level of policy over more than one or two days.

The tragedy for most americans is that the ship of state has sunk, and no one is sure where to go from here.

Would it be useful for americans to go back to basics?

Why are They Persecuting Christians...

Clearly it has to be the massive monolithic evil liberal conspiracy that keeps asking the Federal Courts to help out in that little problem down in texas, where simply because Tom DeLay is never too sure which sort of Hillary Clinton he really wants to be, whether this should mean that he should be allowed to run for congress in one or more state!!!

Clearly this Persecution of Christianity, by trying to get Tom DeLay, and the GOP's In Texas, to work out why it is that one day the Divine WILL OF GOD demands that the Hammer be returned from Texas, and then, it is that he must be returned from virginia, so that some new Divinely Decided Upon can run from the Great State Of Texas and Protect Americans from the God Haters and America Bashers, like Tom DeLay, who can not recall specifically which type of Hillalry Clinton they wanted to be!!!

This of course is clearly NOT the sort of matter that should be dealt with in the Mere Secular Courts!!! But should be bound over to the Canon Courts to have the true divination of the One True And ONLY American Christian God decide which is the Divine Will; as detailed in the Argument From Intelligent Design!!!! I Mean we do not want Texas to become the next Kansas as the Hot Bed OF RADICAL LEFT WING EXTREMISTS WHO HATE GOD!!!

Now do we?

Why Does Congress Hate America!!!!

In Congress, the French Fries Are Back
In an unannounced move, the House cafeteria has removed the terms "freedom fries" and "freedom toast" from its offerings, and has reverted to using the dishes' more common names, "french fries" and "french toast."

Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), who had implemented the change in 2003 in a fit of hollow but PR-friendly patriotism, refused to comment on the switch. "We don't have a comment for your story," a spokesman for Ney said.

Owing to his notably unpatriotic involvement in the Abramoff scandal, Ney was several months ago forced to step down from his post as chair of the House Administration Committee, which oversees the cafeteria menu, among other things. The change appears to have been made by Rep. Vernon Ehlers (R-MI), although he too declined comment.

[ cf In Congress, the French Fries Are Back ]
Oh GOD!!!

How can the Congress of the United State Of America Fall in bed with the God Hating America Bashing FreedomLanders!!! Doesn't Congress KNOW that we are in a time of transferring tax liability unto the Unborn in the Most Holiest Of All Holy Crusades against the Iranian Flying Saucers!!!! And that this Vile And Brutal STABBING of our valiant fighting forces who are at this VERY MOMENT standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the Fighting 101st Keyboardists in REJECTING this sort of Radical Leftist Anti-Americanism on the Part of Congress!!!!

Has Congress NO CONCERN for the deep Trauma that this will bring to all of the great war heroes in the Fighting 101st Keyboardists!!!

Clearly NOW All True Americans MUST STAND UP and Be COUNTED!!! And explain to Congress that Never Before in the course of the Holy Crusades have americans been sooooo SHOCKED!!!!

Think of the children!!! Innocent Children who will never again feel safe in their beds knowing that Congress is the Hot Bed of Radical Extremists Pro-Al-Qaeda Gay HomoZexual Zombie Satanic Cyborg Canadianist Pirates brutally crushing the life out of the Great War Heroes of the Fightingg 101st Keyboardists merely because Congress has gone SOFT on those God Hating America Bashing FreedomLanders!!!

Think of the children!!!

The Innocent Children!!!

Is PA Still a part of the USofA???

First off there is the growing comedy that the GOP are so desperate in PA, to save Rick Santorum, et al, that they have been the sole source of funding of the Green Party Candidates running In PA!!! I am still suppose to believe that the Greens Are Legit.

Meanwhile there is the usual sort of Smear going on against Murtha - Opponent: Murtha wrong on Haditha, implied he'd take bribes WOW!!! one has got to love these folks... this whole, wait until there are mushroom clouds forming to go with whether it is time to deal with the various failed nation states of the world... like, well, Damn... Is PA still a part of the USofA? Or is that the really scary part here boys and girls!!!!

That the USofA IS such a failed nation state that even the provincial back waters like PA are retreating into the moral cesspool of meaninglesness....