August 2nd, 2006


Why We Must Stop The Media Meat Puppets!!!

Originally when i was cycling this morning the idea was to crank on my favorite Indie Film Maker, who, while having a lovely story, has, well, absolutely NO FREAKING CLUE about the state and nation of the "alternative intelligence and warfare community" - you know, the folks doing the whole "alternative life style" long before the FREAKING HIPPIES!!!! Because, well, there are these little technical issues in the script that lead to purely PEDANTIC QUESTIONS about 'why this year, not some other year, what is the context here????' so that one can answer the little technical questions about the state and Nature of the Internal Dialog and Dialectics that drives the Character.

Is this the 'lost love child' of "the dude" and Walter Sobchak hence resolving the deeper dialectical tension from that film with the current one????

Is this the 'lost love child' of HanoiAnnieCoulter and Michael Savage making the cosmos a little darker and assininely ironically self referentially refuting.

You Know, the Important Questions.

Then the EVIL LIBERAL MEDIA barfed up the twins - Murtha on lawsuit: 'I don't blame [Marine] for lashing out' where we learn that a Marine is blaming Murtha for reporting on what the DOD keeps moving closer to trial as just one more case of merely killing civilians. While here in the local news we have Blogger jailed by U.S. court where we learn that unless everyone is willing to be state's evidence, they will be doing time. Makes one just shocked!!!! Shocked that Journalists are not willing to be the Stringers Of State Security....

Ah yes, for those kinder, gentler, halcyon days of the Cold War when there were some Moral Standards about these things.

What IS the Matter With Kansas?

Yes, I understand that to God Hating America Bashers like the New York Time, the Radical EXTREMISTS RAMPAGING OUT OF CONTROL in kansas are what they would call 'moderates'
Kansas voters on Tuesday handed power back to moderates on the State Board of Education, setting the stage for a return of science teaching that broadly accepts the theory of evolution, according to preliminary election results.
[ cf AmPravda: Evolution Opponents Lose Kansas Board Majority ]
But those are clearly NOT Moderates anywhere else in the world!!!

Who knows, maybe the actual Mel Gibson, and not the Animatronic Mel Gibson who has been the Appeaser Kapitulationists
{ attempting to embarrass the Americans by acting as if some how Majikally the IDF is really cooler than American Miltary Fighting Forces!!! Since everyone knows that american military forces would have defeated both Syrian And Iran, Syrian, by now, were it not for the violent protesting by radical anti-american anti-military types who are not willing to do their part to Advance The Divine Will Of The Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers EVERYWHERE!!! }
really understood the TRUE DANGER of the Media Meat Puppets Following Smack Gobbed after the Invasion of Lebanon Story, when here in America The Dangerous Radical Left Wing Anti-American Military, Anti-American Culture, God Hating Heathen Idolatory are at this very instance turning Kansas into a Vast Wasteland of Radical Leftist Extremists who will all burn in the Sulphorous Burning Pits of the Deepest Levels of Gehenna because they not only Oppose The Argument From Intelligent Design, but have Openly Offered Aid And Comfort to the Enemy by acting out against the Greatist Military Leader EVER! With the failure to Accept that the Great Decider has Decided Upon Our Decider who will always be THE DECIDER For Life as God Has Mandated IT!!!

Can America Survive These VICIOUS AND BRUTAL ATTACKS ON OUR MOST HOLY LAND by Radical Left Wing Extremists!!!

What IS the Matter With Kansas!!!

Do they want the Dark Days of The Evil Iranian Flying Saucers to return????

Can We Afford Republican Guard Elements In The American Military?

A U.S. soldier testified Wednesday that four of his colleagues accused of murdering three Iraqis during a raid threatened to kill him if he told anyone about the shooting deaths.

Pfc. Bradley Mason, speaking at a hearing to determine whether the four must stand trial, also said that their brigade commander, a veteran of the 1993 ''Black Hawk Down'' battle in Somalia, told troops hunting insurgents to ''kill all of them.'' Mason is not one of the accused.
Mason testified that Spc. William B. Hunsaker threatened him a day after the alleged killings. He said he was accosted by Staff Sgt. Raymond L. Girouard and Pfc. Corey R. Clagett on May 29 when he was on his way to the Criminal Investigation Division.

Asked what was said that was of a threatening nature, Mason replied that Girouard told him: '''If you say anything, I'll kill you.' I took them pretty seriously.''

Girouard, Hunsaker, Clagett and Spc. Juston R. Graber are accused of murder and other offenses in the shooting deaths. The first three are also accused of obstruction of justice for allegedly threatening to kill Mason.

[ cf AmPravda: Soldier Says Comrades Threatened Him ]
Yes, it is good to hear that folks who have been listening to the Comedy Stylings of HanoiAnnie "When I say Kill Them, it is a comedic element" Coulture, and have decided to take a step towards being actual members of the American Armed Forces...

But did folks explain to them that they were actually going to be in the American Armed Forces, and not in some special Republican Guard unit set to simply slaughter the Shi'ite Opposition To The Baghdad Regime. That they would be running the REAL RISK of really being prosecuted under american law for the war crimes that they commit, even if they are in Iraq!!! And that one does not get to say, "well, gosh, yes, they are dead, I killed them, but it was all a joke, it really is not something that folks should take seriously."

Hum..... Or is that a PART of the Central Problem for the VOCHAS - they just do not get that in the american military tradition we are not impressed by mere murderers. There are some very serious lines that separate the Professional Killer from the merely Socially Addicted.

Can We Still Allow For UnEthnicallyCleansed Areas?

Currently The Liberals Are Whining:
The United States should create a “deployable reserve” of contracting experts for emergency reconstruction efforts like the one in Iraq and should change federal law to remove the legal straitjackets that have helped slow the effort there, the first official history of the Iraq rebuilding effort has concluded.

The history also recommends that the temptation to use noncompetitive contracting should almost always be resisted and that a bidding process should generally be carried out even when it takes more time.

“The use of sole-source and limited competition contracting in Iraq should have virtually ceased after hostilities ended,” it said.

The reference is to a controversial sole-source contract awarded in secrecy in March 2003 to the company then known as Kellogg Brown & Root, a Halliburton subsidiary, to repair oil infrastructure in Iraq.

The history also found some successes in the reconstruction effort, particularly involving small-scale projects. The findings particularly noted the usefulness of a program called the Commander’s Emergency Response Program, which allowed military unit leaders to spend money on modest rebuilding projects in their areas of operation.

[ cf AmPravda: Study Urges Reserve Rebuilding Force for Cases Like Iraq ]
Whine, Whine, Whine!!!

If we dropped all that foolishness about there being any civilians outside of the American Area to begin with, then we would not get bogged down in our Anti-Zombie Operations when it comes to clearing out the infestation zones!!!! Which of course would completely cut down on all of this whine, whine, whine, about anything other than Single Source, gave it to the sweat heart dealers, when there would only be those people who were there to put in the American Suburban Tract'd Homes, complete with Mega Malls, and Mall Rats.

So maybe it is time for all of those Evil Liberals to get over their whining and Postively Support Our Glorious Ethnic Cleansers!!! Who are risking life and limb to make the world safe from Zombies and their Zombie Fellow Travellors!!! Or Maybe we will just have to send in the US Military To CLEAN OUT NYC the way that those Iranian Flying Saucers SHOULD have done to a Blue State Down So Infested With Zombies and Ideological Deviationalists Who Oppose the Divine Will Of The Divine Miss W!!!

Granted, there is that other prospect - what if some americans had asked the question about 'why iraq? why now?' back when there was still a chance to explain why it needed to be done, and to actually plan on doing it right the first time.

So do we need to learn just the history of what went wrong AFTER THE FUNDAMENTAL POLICY MISTAKE HAD BEEN MADE????

Or maybe we want to finally work out what really happened to the American Intelligence Product and how did the FUNDAMENTAL POLICY MISTAKE get made????

Or should we all just get it on with why we have so backed the Anti-Zombie Squad, because without them, those bad people would be BAD!!!