July 19th, 2006


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I personally blame my Evil Twin for this with the userpic.

I am so not convinced that shipping around Graphic Iconography is really the right solution here...

Why Does God Hate Georgia???

Ralph Reed, the vote shepherd of Southern evangelicals in President Bush's two election wins, fell victim to nagging charges of hypocrisy and corruption Tuesday night when Georgia Republicans unexpectedly nominated a no-name state senator to be their party's nominee for lieutenant governor.

Reed's loss followed weeks of bruising attacks from Sen. Casey Cagle, who won 55 percent to 45 percent after running numerous television ads bashing the former Christian Coalition chief for accepting millions of dollars to galvanize Christians against gambling initiatives that were opposed by the Indian gaming clients of Reed's longtime friend, indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

[ cf Ralph Reed falls in Georgia GOP primary ]
Or was god sending another message to america....

Like maybe it is time for the so called Christian Coaltion types to work out whether they are interested in the American Religion, or in being acceptable americans with acceptable moral values free standing from the State Sponsored Kult Of Personality!!!

Embryo's Are People Too!!!!

President Bush readied the first veto of his presidency Wednesday to stop legislation easing limits on federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research.

Bush planned to sign a veto message Wednesday afternoon without any ceremony or photographers to record the historic moment. ''He doesn't feel it's appropriate,'' White House spokesman Tony Snow said.

But the president was to speak about the issue later in the White House East Room, surrounded by 18 families who ''adopted'' frozen embryos that were not used by other couples, and then used those leftover embryos to have children. ''The message there is that an embryo can create a human being,'' Snow said.

While both the GOP-run House and Senate defied Bush in passing the measure to expand federally funded embryonic stem research, supporters do not appear to have the two-thirds vote margin needed to override such a veto.

[ cf AmPravda: In First Veto, Bush Blocks Stem Cell Bill ]
But why hasn't the President Expanded the Tax Code to recognize the TaxWriteOffedNeff Of EmbryoPerKin?

Or is there some Super Sinister Sub Plot here, that some persons are more Person Persons than other persons???

If they are Dead,...

... Of course they were terrorists.

What is it with the Evil Liberal Media around the world that is acting as if the notion of "civilian" were still some sort of operable term denoting persons who are not legitimate targets for collateral damage.

Granted, as I reminded one of the Immigrants to America who is my co-worker,
Oh yes, as soon as a place is a legitimate military target, civilians should refactor whether they wish to live in the area.
But for some reason, when we bring this same rhetorical device home to the good old USofA - and remind americans that the WTC, which was attacked twice before falling down, is of the class of targets which the USAF would consider legitimate C3 targets to be destroyed. Gosh, just as we did the several times we blew up those classes of targets in Iraq.

Yet, when we apply american USAF 'target selection' criterion to american targets, all of those Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey God Hating America Bashers run screaming that I must be some sort of unamerican because I support the USAF 'target selection' standards, and they hate the American Military.

Ah yes, america, where this whole Patriotic Thing is clearly soooo out of hand.

But since the threat to the Oil Prices have decreased, we can only hope that as the IDF troops move north through Lebanon, that they will either go forward and start cleaning out the Shi'ite Sites, as they did with the Palestinians before them, or that they finally turn eastward and carry the process of "Ideological Kleansing" into Syria, where, as we all know, there are Ideological Deviationals yearning to be recycled.

England Will Prevail!!!

headline combos that are just not right

Dozens more die as air strikes continue meets Evidence Chicago Police Tortured Suspects.

Yes, I too thought it was like sooo tacky that the evil Guardian of the UK was so rude as to publish photograph of children under the age of 12 as casualties in the current New And Improved Family Values Phase of the Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers Everywhere.

But I am not that sure how americans are suppose to respond to learning that he Great American Tradition of Torturing People is a time honored and venerable art and craft, and of course should, well, gosh, be protected from the Evil Persectution of those who do not respect that in a Time Of Transferring The Tax Liability Unto The Unborn, one should be allowed to torture anyone, anywhere, any how.

UnHoly National Oopsie Legal Wankage

Our friends over at digby offer up the lovely
How can the paper of record write a lengthy puff piece about the brave, maverick integrity of Senator Huckleberry Graham and make no metion of the fact that he and his pal Jon Kyl inserted a fraudulent 12,000 word colloquey into the congressional record to fool the US Supreme Court and were caught red-handed. The Supreme Court merely noted this in the footnotes of the Hamdan decision, but the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia issued an unusual order rejecting their amicus brief alone, although they accepted five others. As John Dean wrote: "No one familiar with this remarkable behavior by Graham and Kyl can doubt why the court did not want to hear from these senators."

This was not a small thing. Huckleberry and Kyl wrote an entire script of a debate that never happened in order to create a false legislative history that they then cited in an amicus brief for the government in the Hamdan case. They defrauded the court and they did it with the express purpose of bolstering the government's argument that the Senate had intended that the Supreme Court be stripped of jurisdiction in the Hamdan case.

This is remarkable not only because it features two Senators outright lying to the Supreme Court. It is also remarkable because the decision in that case is the one the NY Times says Huckleberry is now bravely defending against the wishes of his own party. I would have thought the reporter might have asked old Huck about where he actually stands on this issue.

[ cf Huckleberry Howler ]

Should we really expect much from the American Congress???

And when the American Congress makes it painfully clear to the rest of the world that we have become a "Failed Nation State" that should not be expected to manage it's own war crimes trials when the american troops are merely following orders one has to wonder if the children over at, oh, say, TargetOfOpportunity, cf MojoWire: Anonymous Pseudo-Fascist Cowards, will still be posturing about how in their mythological 'civilized world' they of course have never advocated or supported armed action. With of course the full on Massed Comedy as they REALLY start to work out how they are going to totally distance themselves from the American Armed Forces, that they meticulously avoided serving in, as well as any allignment with any of the policies or processes that lead to the current malaise in both the american armed forces and it's legal standing around the world.

Or would that be just asking too much of the VOCHAS while they prance around pretending that they are at least as Pro-War as their Great Vietnam Era War Heroes, Tom DeLay, Karl Rove, et al....

Only Time WILL tell.

Should Americans Use Arabic Numerals...

... especially when doing economics?

Since the skim of the news so far is that the DOW closed up 2%, as did Gold, and there was also a lot of buying of american Treasuries, and all of this is being blamed on the New Fed Chairman.

Mean while the american dollar is working on a graceful slide.

Makes one wonder whether it is time to simply start calling them "Federation Credits" and hope that everyone really believes that we have control of the Clone Army...

Hum... UFO's In Iran...

"Just bookmark this site now and get it over with.

{ UnNamedEvilLiberalSource }
Hum... One has to wonder how these sorts of things start....

Could it be that the Evil Liberals in the West only started to NOTICE the GROWING THREAT of Iranian Flying Saucers when it was politically convenient....