July 18th, 2006


Name That Terrorist!

His views are shaped not only by his understanding of the law, but also by his respect for an institution he credits with changing his life, by shaping his career and allowing him to support his 13-year-old sister after his parents died when he was in college. His belief in the integrity of the military code has repeatedly led him to resist the White House when it comes to defining the treatment of people accused of being terrorists.

Last year, against the wishes of the Bush administration, he was one of the key forces in helping pass a ban on torture. Last week, he raised questions about the judicial nomination of William J. Haynes II, the Pentagon general counsel who helped write a memorandum that narrowly defined torture only as treatment that causes pain similar to death or major organ failure.

[ cf AmPravda: G.O.P. Senator Resisting Bush Over Detainees ]
Survey Says...
Senator Lindsey Graham!!!
Yes, boys and girls, in the new overly partisan world where the VOCHAS (Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome) can find traitors and terrorists lurking around every corner, and under everyone's bed, and yet this has not once motivated the VOCHAS to follow their rhetorical devices into action, what other choice do we have but to note that anyone supporting the Law, and American Military Law, over the President, must clearly be In Leaque with the Iranian Flying Saucers!

What will be interesting, of course, is what sort of legislation will really be crafted, as it comes out of congress, in response to the recent ruling of the US Supreme Court. The other pressing question of course is how long until the SwiftBoatersForTruth decide that they have to Murtha Graham...

Those Killer Numbers

for those keeping track. The IDF has been able to kill over 200 people in the most recent round of culling the herd. While the UN is crediting amerian policy in ThatIraqiThingiePooh as getting about 3,000 people culled from the herd every month.

Clearly we need to improve those numbers to get out in front of the current global birth rate...

UnHoly Revisionist Ideological Onslaught!!!

When Marine Lt. Alan Zarracina finally did the splits after months of struggling with the difficult pose in yoga class, the limber women around him applauded.

Zarracina, a 24-year-old Naval Academy graduate and flight student, admits he would have a hard time explaining the scene to other Marines.
Retired Adm. Tom Steffens, who spent 34 years as a Navy SEAL and served as the director of the elite corps' training, regularly practices yoga at his home in Norfolk, Va.

"Once in a while I'll sit in class, and everyone is a 20-something young lady with a 10-inch waist and here I am this old guy," he joked.

Steffens, who said the stretching helped him eliminate the stiffness of a biceps injury after surgery, said the benefits of regular practice can be enormous.

"The yoga cured all kinds of back pains," he said. "Being a SEAL, you beat up your body."

[ cf YahooNews: Yoga trend catching on with soldiers ]
And here we are in the Middle of the Holy Crusade Against All Iranian Flying Saucers, and there are these clear and direct assaults on our White Christian America, Here At HOME!!!!

Where are the VOCHAS??? How can they let these sorts of Vicious And Brutal Assaults on our Valiant Fighting Forces Go ON!!! Don't the VOCHAS care about protecting our White Christian America from the Heathen Idolators!!!

More Glorious Military Victories!!!

Once again american military superior planning has lead to more total victories over the taliban in Afghanistan!!!

now more than ever we are taking back more of the villages and towns that have fallen to the taliban than at any other time since the last time that we heroically, gloriously, and totally Victoriously took them away from the taliban the last time!!!

Americans to Pay, Dead Or Alive, to get out of Lebanon.

Well, ok, so the current regime has decided to make money off of the americans who are running away from the current Israeli meandering attacks in Lebanon. Which is kinda gooder, State Dept.: No Free Evacuations for Dead Americans, Either, although, technically, since Israel understands the importance of Reparations, shouldn't the US Government, since it has opted NOT to retaliate against military assaults on their citizens, at least withhold the cost of rescuing americans from the growing threat of the Jack Booted Militarism of Israeli's???