July 14th, 2006


How Red Faced?

It is interesting to watch organizations like the Guardian, trying to help the IDF deal with the emotional trauma of having their troops kidnapped by other organizations, organizations that would not be able to stop an Isreali Armoured Offensive, backed by massive air power.

But is this the wrong time in the discussion to remind folks that prior to the poor 19 year old grunt getting snagged, the debating point had been about whether bombing unarmed civilians spending their vactions on the beach was a useful strategy for stopping extremists.

Or is that really the central part of the problem here. It is no longer clear at all whether the Americans NEED someone else to do their middle east provcation, so that they can find more reasons to fight on through to Total Victory over the Iranian Flying Saucers, or whom ever it is that the White House asserts that we have always been at war with since the time when all things everywhere changed.

So should folks really be advising the Isreali's to listen to the Bush Administration on these issues???

Especially while the current administration is trying to remember whether it will support things like FISA, which is clearly, and unequivicallly american law, and keeps woffling on which parts of the Geneva Convention it has ever been aware of, including but not limited to whether or not this administration needs to be more open about how much Torture it needs to 'get off' these days.

Maybe it is time for Israel to start working out whether or not it wants to be a front organization for a radical christianist sect, and one that may well have access to nuclear, biological and chemical warfare weapons.

Your Next Breaking News

for those who have been AMAZED! Just Literally AMAZAED that the president's team has been able to negotiate the solution that the president, and his team, will comply with the FISA LAW with regards to limiting themselves to lawful wire taps.

In the coming weeks look for a series of startelling revelations! The bush team will negotiate with congress that congress will engage in things like creating the legislation that the bush team may actually consider binding. This appoach may also include allowing congress the right to raise taxes from the tax payers outside of the white house revenue streams. But I really do not expect that the bush team will be turning over any of the funds that they have been able to raise for the general funds, since of course the Unity Of The Presidency means that it does not have to share it's tax base with congress.

Now that the DOD has decided to drop Haliburton as a contractor in Iraq, look for two basic forward looking options. That the bush team will offer Halibruton the contract to reconstruct Iran, or that the safety and stability in Iraq is so great that there is now no need to have american troops in Iraq.