July 7th, 2006



Hum.... I thought the reason that we were fighting ThatIraqiThingiePooh was to keep that stuff over there. But if we are to believe the recent news reports, and/or national security breaches where the Evil Liberal Media reports that various plots have been broken up, then gosh, They are Still coming here to do stuff here....

So explain how it is that we need to do 'that military stuff' in ThatIraqiThingiePooh - but we leave the safety of america and american citizens in the hands of the folks like the FBI and the Customs folks... Could it be that there has been, and continues to be, a certain level of, well, intellectual dishonesty about how exactly this whole WhateverOnWhomever is suppose to be conducted.

England Will Prevail!!!

More Interesting Questions on ThatIraqiThingiePooh

Why is it that the American Ambassador and the Top American Commander in the Field are apologizing to the iraqi's for the alledged rape of a 15 year old girl and multiple murdering of her family. As if this was something that needed to be 'apologized for' - Ironically since, of course, as we have all watched with the ongoing efforts to "Swift Boat" Rep. Murtha for being a 'Treasonist Pro Terrorist' for pointing out the degenerating nature of the american military's crimes against the laws of land warfar - only Terrorist Types would ever admit to the existence of the possibility that such crimes against the laws of land warfare could occur by the hands of american military personnel.

At which point there is also that other little problem in play, namely the rise in the number of Skin Heads and NeoNazi's in the american armed forces of late. The Southern Poverty Law Center has reported, and the NYT is discussing in their Hate Groups Are Infiltrating the Military, Group Asserts. Hum....

Could there be some sort of correlation between the arrival of Arayan Nation Graffitti in Baghdad, and, well, gosh, the rise in the recent rash of unpleasantries....

Could there be a correlation between the Moral Failure of the VOCHAS ( Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome ) to get past their rhetoric and into action, that has left open the vacuum for the Hate Groups to get all the good billets in the American Armed Forces...

What if there is more than one structural failure here that will ultimately need to be addressed.

Your Seat May Be Used As A Flotation Device...

Our Evil Doing Evil Doers over at the MojoWire point us to this interesting Video by the Blue Folks, that also is available at Climate Change Politics: The Deniers and The Apologists - clearly it is a lovely piece of video.

The tragedy is that for too many folks out there, you know, the ones who are still at war with Modernists { In this case, the modernists are from the 19th Century who have decided that science is more than merely a cool way of building an intellectual underpinning to technlogy, but that it has other utilities as a part of understainding what is going on out there. } on the whole DANGER OF SCIENCE!!! since of course, well, science is dangerous.

So if you are scared by science, do not ask any questions, do not check out the articles or the video.

Just believe that all we need is more Military Fire Power, and that will stop all of the Actual Real Imaginary Threats, even if it can not do diddly squat about the problems that are simply there and need to be addressed and resolved.

England Will Prevail!!!