July 6th, 2006


Thought Experiments Gone Wrong...

Given that Tom DeLay will still be on the ballet in Texas, cf Indicted DeLay must stay on November ballot: Court there is that question of what happens if the automated voting system accidentally elects him back to office???

Then there is that problem with what happens if at the same time the ongoing persecution continues to conviction and Jail Term.

Will Tom DeLay wind up having a heart attack in his vacation Dacha on the Black Sea Gulf Coast???

Small Good news

First day cycling to work. I of course take the slow route, on a slow bike, and it is all the evil that it is advertised to be...

But there is still that part where being able to roll up to the next traffic light and 'catch up' with the fancy big pickups that raced to get there and sit makes me wonder why these people want that type of stress in their lives....

What if after the Dollar Recorrects, we were to put together an economy in which americans understood the value of bicycle technology and appropriate public transportation systems???

Got Pogrom?

Hum... What if the True Orthodox Christians in america were to start threatening the lives of the Jews in their Area?

STACLU pogrom is a resounding success offers us a happier instance of this occuring, In America, After 09/11/2001.

So we have to wonder, which side are whom on in this little crisis?

What would happen if Americans were to once again fall under the reign of Law, and not of persons?