July 5th, 2006


Makeing America MORE American than ever before.

LAKE PROVIDENCE, La. — At barbecues, ballgames and funerals, cotton gins, service stations, the First Baptist Church, the pepper-sauce factory and the local private school — the men in orange are everywhere.

Many people here in East Carroll Parish, as Louisiana counties are known, say they could not get by without their inmates, who make up more than 10 percent of its population and most of its labor force. They are dirt-cheap, sometimes free, always compliant, ever-ready and disposable.

You just call up the sheriff, and presto, inmates are headed your way. "They bring me warm bodies, 10 warm bodies in the morning," said Grady Brown, owner of the Panola Pepper Corporation. "They do anything you ask them to do."

It is an ideal arrangement, many in this farming parish say.

"You call them up, they drop them off, and they pick them up in the afternoon," said Paul Chapple, owner of a service station.

[ cf AmPravda: With Jobs to Do, Louisiana Parish Turns to Inmates ]
It is soooo good to see that those labor numbers are gooder and gooder....

One has to wonder how long until we can formalize the trinary model of labor. Those from the chain gangs, those from the gast-arbietor, and, well those who are the other folks actually doing labor in america. You know, the folks who can not afford to buy a pre-owned government....

Hey kids, why aren't we using this process to protect ourselves from the Canadian Snow Backs who come south to take away the high paying jobs from americans....