June 30th, 2006


Questions I always wonder about

When the Evil Liberal Main Stream Media is reporting body counts of Killed Terrorist Suspects in this or that glorious Military Victory in the War On Iranian Flying Saucers - does the Evil Liberal Main Stream Media know how many of the dead were unarmed civilians who's death no longer needs to be carried in the collateral damage category.

You know, the new Accounting Standards....

What would former Kaptain-Lieutenant Martin Niemoller Do???

When HanoiAnnieCoulter was first advocating assassinations of seated supreme court justices, everyone was reminded once again, that of course it is a Joke! Because of Course, the long standing tradition for americans in a 'time of war' is to openly advocate the murder of unarmed american civilians and their governmental officials.

When the US Supreme Court Advocated that american law was the law in america, East Blogistan went completely BONKERS advocating the mass murdering of the US Supreme Court Justices who had written the majority position. Which of course everyone thought was such a comical and funny fun time, since, well gosh, there is that long standing american tradition, even if the Freaks in East Blogistan forgot to put their smiley faces and 'of course it is a joke' tags on their call for mass murdering.

When the "few bad apples" started to accidentally assassinate and bomb womyn's clinics, doctors and lawyers. Well everyone noted, These Freaks have GOT to be Joking!!!

When the "few bad apples" arrived to irradicate moi, there was no one left with a sense of humour.

Some Days Are Just Like That...

Our Friends over at Mojo Wire asked:
Let me see if I really get what GOP Rep. Ted Poe of Texas is saying here... Even though the Guard at the border is a "publiclity stunt" for the administration, we should at least be thankful that some would-be undocumented aliens aren't crossing the border because they fear being beaten, raped and killed by the National Guard...
[ cf Ah! My Head ]
Today we get the gooder news:
The U.S. military is investigating whether U.S. soldiers raped an Iraqi woman and then killed her and three members of her family, including a child, south of Baghdad in March, officials said on Friday.

It is the latest in a series of military investigations in which U.S. troops are suspected of killing civilians in Iraq.

Army Maj. Gen. James Thurman, the top U.S. commander in the Baghdad area, asked the Army's Criminal Investigation Command to look into the deaths in Mahmudiyah, south of the capital, the military said.

[ cf US soldiers investigated in rape, murders in Iraq ]
I guess taht will make Rep. Ted Poe Feel All Fuzzy Wuzzy Safe.

Clearly when we have troopers from the 502nd Infantry Regiment, 101st AD, it has got to be sending the right type of message to those Illegal Immigrants.