June 29th, 2006


What If The Law In America Is Legal And Binding?

Some may well be aware that both the US Supreme Court has ruled on why American Law remains American Law, even in the current Holy War Against the Iranian Flying Saucers in our current time of Transferring The Tax Liability Unto The Unborn. But as Mojo Notes in Supreme Court Punks Bush on Hamdi there are many in East Blogistan who are hoping that finally the President will abandon the pretenses of Law and move straight to Rulership by Military Decree in these times of emergencies....

This might not be the right time to talk about the decision, made years ago, by the Democratic People's Republic Of Vietnam (AKA North Vietnam), that since there did not exist a state of War between themselves and the USofA, that the NVA should try downed american air crews as mere "Air Pirates". Ah yes, I wonder if any of our friends in East Blogistan are still supporting the North Vietnamese on that position...

small good news

the oral surgeon says that it is merely a necrotic bone spur on the rough of my mouth caused by some odd case where it has stopped getting blood to it, and it is nicely in the process of deconstructing itself, and I should just wait it out and come back in two weeks.

God Gives The Healing and the doctor sends the bill.