June 28th, 2006


But Aren't We More At War With Canada, Than Ever Before?

Canada's privacy commissioner is investigating whether United States officials have improperly received the banking records of Canadians.

The Toronto Star reports the investigation is also trying to determine if the Central Intelligence Agency was given unauthorized access to the confidential files.

"This is something we're looking into," Anne-Marie Hayden, spokesperson for the privacy commissioner's office, told the newspaper.

"Any time personal information of Canadians is obtained by a foreign government in circumstances that may not provide the same privacy protections that exist in Canada, we have concerns."

On Tuesday, a human rights group filed formal complaints in 32 countries, including Canada, against a Brussels-based banking consortium for providing the U.S. with confidential information about international money transfers, the International Herald Tribune reported.

[ cf CIA may have accessed Canadian banking records ]
Those Damn Gay HomoZexual Zombie Pirate Clown Cyborg Canadianists....

Don't They Understand That WE are in a time of WAR! Transferrance Of The Tax Liability Unto The Unborn and therefore congress has given the president special powers, above and beyond his Zell Miller Lazer Death Ray Eyes, and this includes the divine right to do anything that is divinely decided!!!

You know, to keep those Iranian Flying Saucers From Returning!!!

Thoughts On Planning - or books, blogs and bombast.

Once again tomscud put up an interesting thread the blogosphere is the friend of information but the enemy of thought which is the sub title of a blog entry over at Christianity Today. It is well worth the read. What I think we need to be thinking about is whether 'blogs' should be forced into the old molds.

In like manner, there is the whole problem of sorting out what sort of stuff really belongs in a 'wiki' so that one can engage in larger 'intellectual pursuits'.

Should one plan stuff for bloggin? Or should it all be raw gestalt?Collapse )

That Treason Thing, Again....

When the Times Of London uses the term "treason" in their reporting on the current emotional trauma that the Bush Camp is having over the fact that once again the New York Times reported that the american government has been engaged in what may be criminal conduct, a matter that many overseas banking establishments, and/or governments are trying to resolve.

Did the Times put it in 'quote' to indicate that they were going to be culturally sensitive to the new American Notion, that it is the HanoiAnnieCoulter term, meaning that these folks really do not like the NYT, and really would have preferred that their father's had found them husbands rather than wasting all that money on a college like education.

Not that I am at all sure that Karl Rove's dear old dad ever really had enough Juice to use as a Dowery....