June 22nd, 2006


Speaking Of The American Religion

Hum... One does have to wonder which are the Orthodox Christians, and why exactly is there this move to roll back to a former theology.
A congressional aide says southern Republicans have delayed a House vote on a renewal of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.

A Capitol Hill aide says GOP leaders tabled the renewal under pressure.

Several southern Republicans are pushing an amendment to loosen rules that force nine states to get the Justice Department or a federal judge to approve voting rule changes. Those who want the change say the requirement is unfair because it singles out states that had racist voting rules in the 1960s.

The act was passed to end racist voting practices. It was due for a House vote Wednesday. Leaders of both parties said they supported the renewal.

Temporary parts of the law expire next year. It's not clear if the objections can be resolved this year.

[ cf House leaders delay Voting Rights Act renewal ]
Now I can understand that many of the Modernists and Liberals want to believe that Brown v. Board of Education is the radical left wing dogma that should be maintained.

It might help those Radical Left Wingers to go back and understand the Theological Underpinnings of Plessey v. Fergesun, and why God has always supported our White Christian America!!! And even more so now that we are the Sole Bastion Against the Iranian Flying Saucers...

Hum.... What ever would happen when the Supremes Roll Back Brown? Will we be able to clear out the other defects in the Theological Onslaught of the Evil Liberals? Will we finally be able to restore the Franchise to only those whom God Has Elect????

Hungary a Road Map For Iraq

I mean who can doubt fearless leader!!!! Why back in 1956 when the Hungarians Rose Up against the Communists, the Americans, fully aware of the growing threat of Iranian Flying Saucers, liberated Hungary from that threat. Which of course explains why Hungary is a Free Republic fully integrated into the Global Economy. Which is clearly what Iraq will want to do...

Or is Great Leader suggesting that the Iraqi's will want to engage in an armed uprising to throw out the occupying powers????

Does the President support the President to support the Troops?

Those Wacky Aussies! Confused Again!!!

IRAQ'S Trade Minister has denounced Australia for "criminal aggression" and put all wheat deals on hold after Diggers shot dead one of his bodyguards.

The Australian soldiers mistook a 4WD full of bodyguards for insurgents and opened fire.

The guards were in civilian clothes and carried AK-47 rifles.

One was killed and three wounded, along with two bystanders.

[ cf Aussies machinegun minister's bodyguards ]
Killing Armed Civilians?

How declasse! how so like ten years ago!

Don't the Aussies Get It! We are at war with the Unarmed Civilians!!! That's where the big money in the Movie of the Week World will be!!!

Survey Says - Part II

The FBI arrested seven men in Miami suspected of planning to attack the Sears Tower in Chicago and other U.S. buildings.

No weapons or bomb materials were found in the searches, which took place in the Liberty City area Thursday.

According to network reports, the suspects were American and not linked to al-Qaida.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales announced he will hold a news conference about the raids Friday.

[ cf Seven Arrested in Plot To Attack Sears Tower ]

I just can not wait to hear how this is connected to those NoKo Missiles that were are were not the threat last weekend.

Is the administration still having problems selling the Hungarian Uprising to the Iranians?