June 16th, 2006


ChiCom To Destroy Nepal

In a historic move, Nepal's government today agreed to dissolve parliament and form a temporary coalition with Maoist rebels who have been waging an insurgency in the Himalayan kingdom for the past decade.
[ cf After a decade of bloody war, Nepal's Maoist rebels embrace government ]
IF Nepal Falls to the ChiComms, who will be Next?

Can there be any doubt that we are now engaged in a Land War In Asia!!!

That the only solution here is To Bomb Canada.

{ in the laugh track section, there is this 'did Ann go to far' poll in the middle of the article. I mean how stoned is that. Of COURSE HanoiAnnieCoulter went too far, I mean she would not be HanoiAnnieCoulter if she didn't play the game totally over the top!!! And how else would her jack booted Legions of Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome KNOW that we were More At War Than Ever Before, but that she played it all way over the top in the bad camp version of
Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks!!!
and people say that the seventies generation was like such a cultural waste land.... }

The Pork Portion Of The Bull Dada News.

In a deal that is scheduled to take effect July 1, the federal government's National Pork Board plans to purchase rights to the "Other White Meat" brand from the National Pork Producers Council, a private trade association, for $60 million.
[ cf National Pork Board to purchase "Other White Meat" brand rights for $60 million; USDA keeps financial details secret ]

Remember when 'pork' merely stood for the other form of Graft in the Culture of Corruption.

What Conservative Court?

yes, Persons and Terrorists, that reallly is the question. Over at The Craziest F$#king Thing I've Ever Heard: Hudson v. Michigan it is clear that tongodeon is still working out which side he really wants to be on, as we move into the bright new day of reality. { Just visit it, read it, deal with the reality check! } Or you can visit the short take at Good Thing These Powers Will Soon Be in the Hands of the CIA and NSA! where Mojo works on his coping strategies.

I can, and do appreciate that in 2000 and 2004 most americans were not saying to themselves,
What if the NeoCons put total Wack Jobs on The US Supreme Court Bench as Judicial Activists Bent Upon Ending Constitutional Safe Guards?
I mean, trust me, I can understand, the market was doing so well, and things were ever so rosey, and there were so many other issues to deal with.

So the gooder news is that we can only hope that the Justices are Still mostly sane - since it is going to be very interesting as they keep moving down the road towards removing Miranda, and implementing a Legal Support for the President's Signing Statement on Terrorism, and the other parts of the Death of The FISA system. Made all the more unpleasant, as the power shifts from the neutral non-partisan political position of being used against Enemies Overseas, and is sucked into the miscellaneous tools of the Smear Mongers as they shift into High Gear As Fear MONGERS!

What would the nation be like if Karl Rove had the Courage Of His Convictions to actually send in a hit squad after Ambassador Wilson's Wife, to send him a 'message' - as a part of a 'no knock entry' - you know, strictly legally sanctioned clean wet work....

Be Seeing You!

Ugly Questions, We Just Have To Ask...

Why is Cher stands up for the troops?

More importantly why is Cher donating $130,000 to upgrade troops Kevlar Pots, which one would have thought was something that the DOD would have done with the money they get from Congress to send american troops into ThatIraqiThingiePooh....

Or is taking care of the troops more of that Bush Bashing Liberalism we have all grown accustom to amongst those Evil Red Hollywood Elitists.