June 15th, 2006


Xman - The Movie - A Review

Saw it last night with dr_strych9 after we did pizza at Amici's East Coast Pizzeria. So I guess doing Xman was a reasonable solution for the pudding.

Long Story Short on the Film
Just Say NO!!! To Hetro!!!!
Outlaw HeteroSeXuality For Reasons Of National Security!!!!
I mean how much more Gay can a film get?

If you are into that sort of Right Wing Propoganda, with the fluffer-nutter covered Ooozing Schmooz that is trying to imply that some how HeteroSeXuals are just like the rest of us, then drop the dime, do the film. Otherwise, relax and enjoy a quiet evening of doing something socially useful, like drive by shooting of ideologically deviationists types.

Basic Rating: See It at the cinema if some one else buys, and it's ok to do those sorts of things. But Otherwise, wait until this one gets to cable, since yes, you really do not want to slice this one up with Commercials, as it will ruin the product placements.

2,500 KIA and Still Staying The Course!

In more comical news
A blueprint for trying to start a war between the United States and Iran was among a "huge treasure" of documents found in the hideout of terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, Iraqi officials said Thursday. The document, purporting to reflect al-Qaida policy and its cooperation with groups loyal to ousted President Saddam Hussein, also appear to show that the insurgency in Iraq was weakening.

The al-Qaida in Iraq document was translated and released by Iraqi National Security Adviser Mouwafak al-Rubaie. There was no way to independently confirm the authenticity of the information attributed to al-Qaida.

[ cf YahooNews: Papers show 'gloomy' state of insurgency ]
Excuse me while I step back and do a quick Jon Stewart Moment
I mean what are we suppose to beleive here?

Has american suddenly ended it's ongoing war with Iran, and the Holy Crusade Against The Iranian Flying Saucers?

or What?

Health And Safety Advice

Do not get bogged down in web pages about Zeta Reticuli, while going over the back story articles at Money Watch, about the growing sobriety angst that the GSE's, such as Freddy and Fanny May, may not be as cool as their Original Ganster Rap Records first suggested.

Choose One Or The Other!!!

But Not BOTH!

For Fun, do check out s9: That Queer Silence You Hear... and DEFINITELY click on through the links... and if that does not scare you, then, and only then, do the mix and match with the Zeta Reticuli....

want to be really cool kid?

then remind americans who are all prancing around noting that the current WhateverOnWhomever has produced less bodies than the vietnam era war like related activities.

and then thank those nice folks, since that is so traditional. why back in the day that was the cool thingie too. since of course fewer american troops died in the vietnam era than died in the war like thingie pooh before, the korean police action, or WWII or WWi..

all of which avoids the core question -
why exactly do americans want dead, maimed and wounded GI's so that they can sit safely in the rear, with the beer, being all more pro-war than thou.
Who knows, maybe this time around the Really Wanted To Be Famous War Heroes but were too young for Vietnam, will finally get up off of their faces and break the cycle of denigrating the deaths, maiming, and wounding of American GI's strictly for domestic political gain.