June 13th, 2006


Finally Some Good News For Karl

It appears that in spite of Karl Roves Self TRUMPETTING, when the time came to cash his chips, there was not enough evidence to indict him. This should free him up to point out that when he had a chance to burn a critic of the regime, as a part of the overall whine festival about the treasonous actions of those who would oppose the Greatest Military Leader, EVER!!!!

He choked.

Not the first time in the game that those long on rhetoric were not willing to follow that rhetorical posturing into actual action.

But isn't that the Working Definition of the VOCHAS ( Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst Syndrome ), since they have this air gap between their rhetoric and their realities....

Would The President Fire Rove?

Hum.... Given the President's Prior Rhetoric, and given the new allegations that the reason that Karl is not getting indicted is that he finally told the truth about Leaking Plame to the Liberal Media....

So gosh, that sort of puts things in an ugly light.

Given the choice between defening the active CIA Operatives dealing with the issues of ACTUAL REAL LIVE WMD Concerns, or the domestic politics, it appears that the President has decided to Stab The Troops In The Back.

Which of course helps explain why the President is doing the talking head thing today over in Iraq. Seems he would prefer that americans not get too bogged down in what he has said, and what he has done, and hopefully this time, it will seem more like he is a concerned 'war president'. Never mind the gory details.