June 12th, 2006


What IS God Trying To Tell THEM?

If florida is looking forward to the rain fall from Hurricaine Alberto to put out the Wild Fires, then would this be a gooder time for them to work out what it is that God is trying to Tell Them about the Sin In Their Life???

Speaking Of Propoganda And Misinformation

Which side is really concerned about
In a news briefing intended to counter what they described as "propaganda and misinformation," the officials also emphasized that medics tried to give Mr. Zarqawi treatment when they first arrived on the scene, but that his lungs were full of blood.
[ cf AmPravda: Zarqawi Was Killed by Blast, Autopsy Says ]
Is the American Military trying to distance itself from the American Civilian Desire for a War On Civilians?

And if so, why? Have they started to OPPOSE the Political Process, and the National Chain Of Command? And if so, is there a need to put more Political Security Forces into the American Ground Units that are sent overseas to maintain the Strict Discipline that is required as memembers of the Republican Guard Units.

Or is the Crisis Here that the American Armed Forces is attempting to Commit Suicide on Fox News by asserting that american troops were trying to save the life of the Perp....

These are Such Tough Times, and it is not always clear as to which parts were fully vetted by the MiniTrue.

That Bond Market

Why IS the 6mo T-Bill offering a yield above the 30 Year Bond?

And/or should americans read The Dollar Crisis: Causes Consequences Cures or would that be too OBVIOUSLY a God Hating America Bashing Posturing with regards to fiscal propriety and personal responsibility over the Mere Ideological Dogma that
or they will return and do bad things like they did on 09/11/2001....

Insert Appropriate Blue Dress Chant Here!

Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy

Hey Boys and Girls, should the Keepers of The Private Diplomacy Efforts, which we all know, must be secured from americans, brief the folks on the Public Side of the Line???
"We have no desire to be the world's jailers," said Sean McCormack. "We would look forward to the day at some point when Guantanamo Bay would close down. But the fact of the matter is that it right now houses some very dangerous people who are a threat not only to American citizens but other people around the world."
[ cf VoA: US Disavows Guantanamo Suicide Comment ]
WOW! did you know that the folks whom they were going to release have opted to remain politically engaged enough to carry out their "hunger strike" attack on the Americans....

Hum... So which side is the Official American Position on who gets to get to GitMo? And who gets to get Let Loose From GitMo...

Not to mention that really Freaky Moment,
If these are some very dangerouse people?
then why are we not dropping 500lb bombs on them???

That Al-Zarqawi Thingie

It is so interesting watching the various media issues working their way around this problem. I mean IF we are to believe that there were American Military Medical Personnel trying to keep him alive, this is not information that is derived from an autopsy. I mean setting the 'time of death' is really not that difficult when the Medical Personnel In Charge at the time of death are there.... Not a Lot of Quincy ME needed there.

Or is that also a part of the core problem here. The current Regime has 'cried wolf' too many times about killing this or that person, as a part of their culture of "bring it on" that they are no longer sure if they have real reasons for killing folks.

Given that the DOW, again, drifted lower, could it be that the Echo Chamber is trying to look for happier news to deal with, that is on 'the war side', since the other 'war news' remains as scrambled.....

Hum... What if this were an america where the death of the folks in the 2nd world trade center was not merely the sort of fodder for more hate spewing by the likes of HanoiAnnieCoulter as she seeks to stir up the VOCHA base of the Party..... Better yet, where those deaths were suppose to have meant something, and the 'go get them' were in some way tied to the survivors of those deaths in the 2nd attack on the world trade center, and .....