June 8th, 2006


Those Economic Numbers

I know that we are suppose to be all dancing in the Streets That the President Admitted that we were able to kill a mother and child in the bombing attack that is alledged to have taken a major al-qaeda related player out of the contest in the Iraqi Civil War, as reported by Fox News.

But gosh, what about the reality check that there is parity between the 2 and 10 year Treasuries, and both of these are BELOW the Fed Funds Rate.

Should we be Killing More Iraqi's For Economic Parity In Treasuries? Or Should we be Killing More Iraqi's to help stabilize the slide in the American Dollar????

Or should we be Nuking Economic Threats To American Hegomony?

Got More Bombing????

Hey kids, what does the Evil Liberal Media Mean by:
The single most influential man in Iraq today, the Shiite religious leader Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, provides cash, free housing and medical care to tens of thousands of religious students and operates hundreds of religious Web sites across the globe.

Yet this is all going on not in Iraq, but here in the religious capital of Iran.

As the Bush administration seeks simultaneously to stabilize Iraq, in part by empowering its Shiite majority, and contain Iran, it must carefully navigate the complex relationship between the countries. It is not just Iran's influence in Iraq that the United States must confront, but Iraq's connection to Iran, as well.

[ cf AmPravda: Iraqi Ties to Iran Create New Risks for Washington ]

I guess we should be supporting a Bombing To Help The Up Turn In The Dow Strategy....

Or was that, Bombing To Protect The Most Holy Islamic Republic Of Iraq from the Modern SeXular Humanists Iranian Flying Saucers. You know, it is not always easy to remember which were, and still are, the currently "we are the good forces" assertions about which are the "Goal Like Related Activities Programs" that make up ThatIraqiThingusOfPooh.

Especially when we all know that the singularly most important thing on the President's Agenda is
So remind me again how today's report of yesterdays bombing is taking america closer to a Gay Free World where HetBoys are no longer threatened by the Prospects of Gay Marriages???

Or were we suppose to be bombing the Gay Enclaves, and Missed... Gosh, just like the Hunt for Osama Bin Laden, whom everyone knows was not at all involved when those Iranian Flying Saucers attacked on 09/11/2001....

So which is our Glorious Moment Of What Again?

Hey Kids, Remember Che?

I know that many of the folks I know where not interested in the issue of Counter Insugency and the burgeoning field of Low Intensity Warfare before Che was Picked Off In Bolivia - But Hum...

What if this is not the first time in the history of the War On Terrorist Operatives, that has been in flight for a bit over forty years now, when the noted BoogiePerKin has been Killed.

And while we are here, Can You DIG That DOW!!! up by 7.92 Points On Todays Heroic News!!!

Who We Gonna Kill Tomorrow for the next 7.92 Points, or did they mean the 57mm variation for tomorrows Glories!!! Today!!!

Which War? Which War Aims?

One of my email friends had the decaf moment, that Gosh, many of the american TV media have been presenting "the desert war" in Iraq, and that the footage he has seen, save for the arabeque signs, could just as well be parts of Chicago.

So while we are working on formalization of
"War Of The White Man's Burden"
we may want to work out some of the technical details.

How do we really go forward, what is the real issue here? How do we get on with Winning The White Man's Burden War, so that we can make the world safe for nice white heteorseuxal christian girls to marry the sort of man her father would approve of....

I mean, isn't this all about finding HanoiAnnieCoulter a Husband, since clearly she must be saving it for Marriage, and then only in the right context of the Great War Against Good And Evil.

And Survey Says....

Hum... Back when the video of al-arqawi was the bad weapons handling, the ProWarButVOCHAS were all running around noting that of course it does not matter, since the guy doesn't know anything, therefore our having NOT actually killed him all of the times that we had claimed to have killed him really didn't matter.

Granted, back then some of us asked, "Ok, so who is running all of those killings in Iraq? The Girl Scouts?" and again, it really was not about anything more than 'stirring up the party base'.

Now we have Rumsfeld calling this a significant victory, but we are not going to see anything really significant from this action. Since, well, gosh, Dick Cheney is trying to prevent Sen. Arlen Spectre from doing the Judical Oversight that the senate is suppose to be doing.... Ooops, sorry, wrong war on america...

But I guess it is still working to 'stir up the party base' - since gosh, being honest and noting that the fiasco should get handed over to the UN, just like the North Vietnamese did with their failed little dirty war in Kampuchea, when they ousted the Evil Pol Pot, and things got all messed up....

Oh that's right, most americans can't remember which of their "war on good v. evil" they want to use as their model for which of the ones that they think we are currently in....

Speaking Of Real Heroes

one of my email correspondents noted: CMH Citation for, DOSS, DESMOND T. and the back ground story United States: Adventist Doss, First Conscientious Objector to Win Medal of Honor, Dies at Age 87.

Now remind me again how all of this rah rah killing thing is just so much cooler, and all of the Fun and Excitement of being a member of the 101st Fighting Keyboardist, safe in the rear with the beer....

God but these must be such rough times for the ProWarCrowd...