June 5th, 2006


Should we be worried?

Hey boys and girls, while everyone was having such a lovely time dealing with all of the War Winning News last week - did anyone else notice that this was the 75,000 NEW JOBS MONTH, and with that the unemployment fell to 4.6%.... never mind that we need what 150,000+ new jobs each month to take in the legal population growth....

Or is this all just the Happy Stuff we are all suppose to be so happy we have 'that war stuff' to keep us amused... and how many months of shrinking employement numbers will it take for the Government to Commit to a New Round of Tax Cuts, without which the Economy will never survive, the Mad Iranian Flying Saucer Cow Disease will destroy everything, and we will all be victimized by the Gay HomoZeXual Zombie Pirate Canadianist Konspirakii....

Insert The Blue Dress Chant Du Jure...

UnHoly Revisionist Ideology

This weekend I was SHOCKED!!! Just Shocked!!! when I went into the Monterey Maritime Museum, and the Leftist Radical Revisionists had been engaged in their Main Force Assault on Our White Christian America!!!

I mean, Mien Gott Im Himmel, even the Wikipedia is in on the Corruption And Revisionist Ideology Commodore John D. Sloat whom they say engaged a collection of Mexican Coast Guarders to Win The Battle Of Monteray - and not one word about defeating the Iranian Flying Saucers who were at that very moment trying to impose Mad Iranian Flying Saucers Kow Disease, as a part of their Plot Against America!!!

Where do these Revisionists Get Off suggesting that at any time any of California had been anything Other than the All American Home of the Great Communicator Ronald Reagan!!!! Who would help bring Richard M. Nixon to the white house, and the glories and victories of the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp!!!

This is more clear proof why we MUST have a constitutional ammendment to Protect Marriage from such Dangerous Revisionism!!!

Insert appropriate Blue Dress Chant Here, or Bad Things Will Happen.

Why Can't More Americans Accept The Simple Truth

The Most Pressing Issue Confronting the Nation is not the nearly 200pt dip in the dow, not any of the evil liberal media punditry, but the need, the clear and compelling, the unforgiving and unforgettable need to have a constitutional ammendment to prevent Flag Burnings At Marriages!!!!

Now More Than EVERR!!!!!! If you are not doing your Part! The Terrorists WIIN!!!!!