June 2nd, 2006


Numerical Efficiencies...

Hey kids, what if we stop worrying about how to type/spell/say the names where the various massacres of Iraqi Civilians Occurred during the recent efforts to restore the Iraqi Wetlands as our part of saving The Holy Islamic Repulbic of Iraq from Iranian Flying Saucers, since, well they are hard words to deal with.

We could just number them and refer to them by number.... given that there is now another massacre, plus the USMC is indicting Eight Persons for their involvement in an illegal Kidnapping and Murder of an Iraqi National....

Is it time to Nuke Iran Yet? So that the Evil Liberal Media will focus on the Fact that we have always been at war with Iranian flying saucers who attacked america on 09/11/2001!!!

We Must Fix The Broken People

One of my Evil Liberal Friends was whining
Wanting this information is terrorism.
and I was obliged to note: WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!!!

How may times do I have to tell you folks, the slogan is
Memory Is Terrorism!!!
So don't forget that!!!

More Total Victory Over Iranian Flying Saucer Cattle!!!

Yes Boys And Girls You Heard It Here First:
After they handcuffed them, they shot them dead. Later, they struck the house with their planes. They wanted to hide the evidence. Even a 6-month-old infant was killed. Even the cows were killed, too," he said.
[ cf TheMerkyNews: Furor grows over civilian deaths in Iraq ]
Can there be any doubt that now more than ever Americans KNOW where the Beef Is!!!

Yes, that is right - if bossy gives you any strange looks, those could be the Super Sekret Commands from Iranian Flying Saucers, and you just have to launch a pre-emptive Retaliatory Nuclear First Strike against any of the Potential Iranian Flying Saucer Cattle Before they Become Engourged in the Attrocities of their Flying SaucerIsms and start attacking EVERYONE EVERYWHERE!!!!!

Now More Than EVER all true Patriotic American Must DEMAND their own Personal Lady Finger Nuclear Explosive to Protect Themselves, and their loved one, from
The Cattle Of The Iranian Flying Saucers!!!
Because YOU NEVER Know when those Zombie Kattle Might Come Back in
The Revenge Of The Zombie Cattle Of The Iranian Flying Saucers!!!
which inevitably leads as we all know to
The Revenge Of The Gay HomoZexual Zombie Piracte Canadianists Cattle Of The Iranian Flying Saucers!!!
Can there be any doubt that We MUST bomb Canada NOW!!!

Are YOU doing YOUR PART to Stop Mad Iranian Flying Saucer Kow Disease?

If not, it is clearly time to get it on, and join ModeMac of The High Weirdness Project where you can gain the True Inner Light that Only High Weirdness By Mail Can bring to you, by way, this time of boing-boing, which of course is taking the Fight to The Freaks who are Repressing the True Believers!!!!

You Are Either Doing YOUR PART to Stop Mad Iranian Flying Saucer Kow Disease,
Or YOU are One Of TheyThemThoseTypes, and there is no Bob In YOU!!!

Who Cleared Whom Of What???

I recently ran across a BBC article that alledges that the current state of the current military interpretation of the most recent allegation of an atrocity in Iraq is, well, that it wasn't quite that. Which makes the current military statement about the current allegations of an atrocity in iraq, gosh, just like the ones that were first floated by the USMC back in November. You know, back before it was handed over to what has become the four investigations into not only who killed whom, but why the cover up.

So is the current speach utterance about american policy posturing in Iraq the current statement, or is that too still a trial ballon, pending, as we are starting to learn more and more from this regime, the outcome of the plea bargaining.

Which makes me wonder, why didn't the Prez Spend More Time with The USMC back in the day? I don't Know, rather than sending cutsey notes to, well, gosh, those Key Lay Kinda Guys who, well, had questionable moral standards....

America Abandons The Defense Of America!!!

It took four meetings on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, endless hours of diplomatic grind, a dust-up with the Russians, and battles with her Bush administration rivals.

But for now Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in control over policy toward the nuclear crisis with Iran, according to White House and State Department officials, European diplomats and outside analysts.

Whether that's a comfortable place, or even a permanent one, for her is less clear.

[ cf MerkyNews: Rice secures leadership in policy toward nuclear crisis in Iran ]
Now don't get me wrong here folks, I am all in favor of affirmative action, and letting folks have a shot at the brass ring and all....

But should the War With Iran, and a planned nuclear war with Iran, really be left in the hads of a Woman, From The State Department, With No Prior Military Time??? Can americans really wait for the first word on the change of policy to be the Mushroom Shaped Cloud over some american city!!!

Clearly HanoiAnnie Coulter Was Right!!!! These Damn Democrats do not want to defend america and will allow some american city to be nuked!!!!

Now More Than Ever americans must demand that the Department Of Homeland Security be handed the Job Of Pre-Emptive Retaliatory Nuclear First Strike Operations!!!! Only Then will americans know that they are safe!