June 1st, 2006


Just In Case You Want To Read Along From Home

Ok Fruit Bats, I just finished Paul Krugman's Terroristical Tome The Great Unraveling: Losing Our Way in the New Century where he put together a whole lot of Fun God Hating America Bashing, with the added amusement that as the Paper Back, it had time to collect additional columns for his Main Force Assault On White Christian America.

I have just ordered The Dollar Crisis on the recommendation of dr_strych9 and then picked up a dangerous copy of George Lakoff's Terroristical Tome, Moral Politics: How Liberals and Conservatives Think ( which is the second edition of that Terrorist Propoganda. )

It was somewhat amusing to find http://www.moral-politics.com/ out there in the midst of this, but it has not yet revealed if it Supports The Armed Struggle Against All Monsters!

More Good News Leaks Out Of Iraq

Civilians are increasingly bearing the brunt of the violence in the conflict-ridden country with the health ministry reporting 932 civilians killed in May, a 36% increase over April.
[ cf Ethics 'refreshers' for troops ]
Ok so the typical Whyine Leftist and their God Hating America Bashers were probably focusing on
US military officials announced on Thursday an ethical refresher program for all coalition forces in Iraq in the wake of the killing of a pregnant woman and furor surrounding an alleged shooting rampage by US marines.

Meanwhile, Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki condemned the November 2005 incident in the western town of Haditha that resulted in the deaths of 24 civilians and called for a review of coalition forces' rules of engagement.

[ op cit ]
and of course wondering how we can prosecute the Iraqi Prime Minister Guy for TREASON!!! I mean what sort of Nut Case takes the Lives Or Iraqi's as more Important that stopping the Liberal Negative Nabobs!!!

Should American Votes Matter?

The Evil Doing Evil Doers over at MojoWire, here, seem to IRRATIONALLY believe that some how the Votes of Americans should take Precedence over the Clear and Compelling Evidence from The Argument From Intelligent Design, that Jesus Hand Picked Dubya, to be the Divinely Decided upon Divine Decider!!!!

They of course reference Rolling Stones, Was the 2004 Election Stolen? by a Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. as suggesting that american voters should some how, majikally, and mystically, be more important than the Divine Will!!!

Given that there are still growing Threats that the Liberals, and their Anti-war Fellow Travellors, will still want to have an election in 2006, americans may want to decide if they are on the side of the Radical Left Wing God Hating Secularists Who Are Stabbing Our Troops In The Back! Or have we finally come to the safe harbour where all true Patriotically Correct Americans Accept the Clear And Compelling Evidence from the argument from Intelligent Design!!!

Read the Article, Consider the Growing Terrorist Threat! Ask Yourself if You Want the Iranian Flying Saucers to return as they did on 09/11/2001, or do you want to have some sort of secularist democratic election system run by terrorists trying to stab our troops in the back!!!!

And which will be the real story

Gosh kids, now that Forbes is asserting that Komrade Party Talking Head Tony Stone is Openly Leaking that there are upwards of Four Different concurrent Investigations going on over the Haditha Massacre, will they ever get around to establishing
  • What Actually Happened.
  • Does the Current Regime Support Wars on Civilians.
  • Is Killing Civilians a Bad Thing???
The former might be interesting to know.

The later may complicate matters for the VOCHAS who have been valiantly fighting the rear guard action about how we need to stop pussy footing around, and drop the kid gloves, the liberal guilt, and take the fight 'to the enemy'. But basically all we have ever been able to learn from the Ilk like the Fighting 101st Keyboards is that they Hate Civilians and hope that they die...

Or will this too go the way of the ongoing whinging about the Plame Crisis, as we move through the various stages as members of the White House Staff keep getting Thrown into the line of fire, to keep protecting the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!!! From the Persectution by Radical Left Wing Anti-War Type Extremist, like Patrick J. Fitzgerald, who hate Christians....

Ethics Angst

Should the New Head of the C.I.A. be constrained by the Oath of Office?

Ok, so should the New Head of the C.I.A. be constrained by any sequences of words?

Those Radical Left Wing Elitists...

Ok, help me out here folks, which are the Radical Left Kliques
  • FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.
  • SEC - Security and Exchange Commission
  • GAO
  • The Implementation of the Berne Convention
    Extra points if you know why this Blue Helmeted One Worlder Plot and Konspirakii is trying to destroy our white christian america
In these overly politicized times, and the desperate desire to 'starve the beast' and destroy all of those evil leftist Cliques....