May 25th, 2006


UnHoly Market Manipulations!!!

I mean what gives here!!!! If a government decides to convict one of it's primary share holders, as clearly is the case in the Enron Trial, what GOOD is the value of Owning a Government that will not remain bought!!! What Happened to
One Share! One Vote!!!
All The Free Market You Can Own!!!
Clearly it is time for the FCC to start an investigation into who was involved in corrupting this Made For TV Movie As Real Life in ways that makes the whole Crisis over NippleGate look like, well, Damn, a whine festival by whiney snivelly frat boys that they don't get many chances to see real boobies....

Young Republican Angst!!!

As most of my Evil Doing Evil Doer Associates Know, tomorrow I am picking up my Prius, tomorrow, so today, I opted to make sure we were in the right fiscal posture, and that with the appropriate configuration of Insurance Resources.

At which point there is that amusement, in all of this, when one notices that one has made one MINOR ANNOYING DETAIL!!! While congealing the Cash for the Deal, I mentally deducted about $4k out of the 'cash assets in play' and concealed that from myself.

Which of course became clear when the Bank, Rotten Red Hollywood Elitist Left Wingers Who are clearly engaged In GOD HATING AMERICA BASHING, and most likely are hiding Iranian Flying Saucers underneath their skirts, decided to OPPOSE the Troops and The American way of Life by telling me that I had $4k in my savings account than I thought I did.

I mean, what is with those God Hating America Bashers!!!

Be The Next Lucky Winner!!!!

Hey boys and Girls, just because the Evil Liberal Media is saying that the 'Enron' case has finished, and the allegations are that the Bobsy Twins may serve up to 25 years.... What IS the smart money betting the Big Bucks On? You Want to Put down a fact $20k that they do a total of 10 years between the two of them? $50K to nail down a fast four years...

Come on Boys and Girls!!! Put Your Money Down, Takes Your Chances!!!

Why, gosh, golly, gee Whiz... what if Enron was merely the Symptom, and not the Disease....