May 19th, 2006


Of Course The Criminal Illegal Wire Tapping and Domestic Spying By The NSA is Legal!

As long as there exists at least one person involve in the programmes who holds the belief that they were, or should have been, given a order, lawful or not, to conduct criminal and illegal wire taping and domestic spying, up to and including state sponsored domestic terrorist operations against the personnel enemies of Great Leader and his Associates, then the programmes MUST be legal!!!!

I mean what is so difficult about that to understand!

Evil Doing Liberals Continue Holy War Against Our White Christian America!!!

My comment entry is:
Let me see if I get the basic thesis here correct, Evil Liberals Who Want To Destory Our White Christian America Oppose The Greatest Military Leader EVER, hence advocating, and acting upon, their efforts to Stab Our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back as their specific Act of Treason that they offer up as aid and comfort to our enemies, simply because they Oppose Virtue And Virginity until the Department of Homeland Security has sanctioned their co-habitation and breeding license????

I mean, what is up with that?

[ cf Digbies: The War On F*cking ]
Since Clearly All True Patriotic American MUST decide where they want to stand during the Time OF Tax Transferrance Unto The Unborn!!!!

Are they going to Support The Greatest Military Leader EVER????

OR are they Going To Stab Our Valiant Fighting Forces In The Back!!!!

that is the Only question of Merit in this time as we struggle valiantly against the INVASION of Iranian Flying Saucer Supporting Illegal Immigrants and their Ferrign Devil Dogma bent upon the destruction of our White Christian America!!!

Which Star Wars... THE MEME....

You are Lando Calrissian
Lando Calrissian
Boba Fett
Luke Skywalker
Han Solo
Mace Windu
Darth Vader
Qui-Gon Jinn
Tall, dark, and handsome.
Not much seems to bother you.
Maybe because you're so smooth.
You truly belong with us here in the clouds.

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I get to blame corwynofamber by way of kijjohnson for this EVIL!!!

And Translated Into a Human Language This Would Be...

A senior U.S. Treasury official warned debt security traders on Friday that any traders who establish unusually large positions in Treasurys can expect close scrutiny from regulators.

"Questionable trading behavior has consequences and can result in increased regulatory scrutiny and referrals to enforcement authorities," Treasury Undersecretary for Domestic Finance Randal Quarles told the Bond Market Association meeting in New York.

"I would encourage any traders that establish especially large positions in any Treasury issues to tread very carefully," Quarles said. A copy of his prepared remarks were released in Washington.

[ cf CnnMoney: Official warns on large positions in Treasurys ]
Uh.... let me see, we want folks to keep buying our Treasuries, but we are not sure about taking big chunks?

Or is there a problem in the Treasury, now that the Housing Market is cooling, and the Equities are sliding, and the Dollar is way off, and Gold has gone through the roof, that, well, uh, maybe someone in the Department of Homeland Security May Need To Know About????

Please do NOT tell us that those Iranian Flying Saucers have been eating up the Treasuries, Again...

Senate Moving Towards Total Victory

WOW!!! After the stunning victory to pass a sense of congressie kinda thingie pooh that English is the National Language, and that people have no right to information being delivered in any other language than is already required by law.


Things that not yet prevented, are allowed!!!

Moving right along, the Government will be dictating that Numerology will be done with numbers, and Grammar will be done with Grams!!!

Red Herring? What Red Herring? What ever do those God Hating America Bashers In the Houston Chronical Mean by The national language red herring The National Language is Not Even A Fish!!!!

$85 Billion For Katrina Victims???

The victims of Hurricane Katrina remain in the thoughts of Americans and the $85 billion in federal money that's been sent to the Gulf Coast is only the beginning of the help that's on the way, Vice President Dick Cheney said Friday.

"We will not forget the great suffering and difficulty" endured by those along the coast, Cheney told Louisiana State University graduates at the school's commencement ceremony.

[ cf FoxNews: Cheney Urges LSU Graduates to Consider Public Service Careers ]
So when did Dick decide to come out as an IslamoCommie bent upon the destruction of our white christian america by way of Excessive Governmental Social Welfare Programmes designed to undermine personal responsibility and competency!!!

Oh, there is the rerality check marker:
Vice President Cheney has a message for college graduates: don't let failure stop you.
Cheney cited his own experience at Yale, where he flunked out -- twice. He also described interviewing for a job with a young Congressman Donald Rumsfeld -- and being dismissed out of hand.

Cheney says the lesson is this: "Don't give up, or let your doubts get the best of you."

[ cf Cheney to grads: Don't be stopped by failure ]
There's Our Dick, and the Puppies in the Media who are ever so kind to skip over Haliburton, and ThatIraqiThingiePooh, and well the Energy Task Force Scandal, and that Outing The CIA Asset Scandal, and the ...

But when one can promise a Few Billion Here or there, Who Cares!!! It is merely the Tax Money from, well, gosh, The WORKING POOR in america!!!

Irony Is Not Dead - The Defeatists Announce!!!

"The Motion Picture Assn. of America has censored a poster advertising a film about the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The image that ran afoul of the MPAA is tame by the standards set by the amateur photographers of Abu Ghraib. It shows a man hanging by his handcuffed wrists, with a burlap sack over his head and a blindfold tied around the hood. It appeared in advertisements for the new film "The Road to Guantanamo," a documentary with some reenacted scenes that follows the fate of three British men imprisoned at Guantanamo for more than two years. Eventually they were released, with no charges ever filed against them."

[ cf and here i thought irony was dead ]
Some Days Just Being Alive is Way More Complicated than it seemed.

Your Reality Check Bounced

Today the boss found out they mis-spelled my name and
joked that it would be easier for me to change my name
than all my IBM IDs.
And in the next reality people will be issued their ID first and their names second.

Why Does SlashDot Hate America?

Noah Shachtman writes "The Iraq war was launched on a theory: That, with the right networking gear, American armed forces could control a country with a fraction of the troops ordinarily needed. But that equipment never made it down to the front lines, David Axe (just back from his 6th trip to Iraq) and I note in this month's Popular Science. That's a problem, because the insurgents are using throwaway cellphones and anonymous e-mail accounts to stitch together a network of their own."
[ cf SlashDot Attacks America ]
we should note - B With It's Hatred Of America By Denying That Total Victory Occurred Over Three Years Ago when the Mission Was Accomplished, and all supported the Great Leader For His Greatness!!

I mean why has SlashDot and Popular Science become Forward Bases For
don't they KNOW that we are in a time of Tax Transferrance Unto The Unborn and it is their Patriotic Duty To BE Patriotic And Dutiful about Supporting The Greatest Leader, EVER!!! Or they are stabbing our valiant fighting forces in the Back!!!