May 17th, 2006


Why Are Iranian Flying Saucers Allowed To Attack America?

Stock and bond prices tumbled Wednesday after a bigger-than-expected rise in consumer prices sparked a fresh round of inflation worries on Wall Street.

The Dow Jones industrial average (down 187.63 to 11,232.26, Charts) had skidded about 1.7 percent, or 200 points, with two and a half hours left in the session.

The broader Standard & Poor's 500 (down 17.42 to 1,274.66, Charts) index sank 1.5 percent and the Nasdaq composite (down 26.47 to 2,202.66, Charts) tumbled 1.3 percent after earlier hitting a new low for the year.

The selling started after the Labor Department said its Consumer Price Index, the government's main inflation gauge, jumped a bigger-than-expected 0.6 percent in April while the so-called core CPI, which excludes energy and food prices, rose by 0.3 percent. Both readings came in a shade above economists' forecasts. (Full story.)

[ cf CNN/Money: Inflation sparks selloff ]
Or more importantly WHY has the Evil Liberal Media covered up the assault By Iranian Flying Saucers?

Rummy Backs Border War!!!

Deploying National Guard forces to help secure the U.S. southern border will not harm the part-time force but will enhance its training for other missions, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said on Wednesday.

Appearing before a Senate subcommittee, Rumsfeld defended President George W. Bush's plan to use some 6,000 National Guard troops to support border patrol agents even as the force is strained by deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Rumsfeld contended that the use of 2 percent of Guard forces to help slow the stream of illegal immigrants across the U.S.-Mexican border will "not adversely affect America's ability to conduct the war on terror or respond to other domestic emergencies."

[ cf Reuters: Rumsfeld sees boost for Guard from US border work ]
Clearly after a period of time on the Border, More Guardsmen will yearn to continue the Fight Across the Border to root out the Iranian Flying Saucers that have been attacking America From Mexico!!!

yes, why with enough time on the border, supported like regular troops, more Guardsmen will be able to tell exactly how those Iranian Flying Saucers have been attacking America Ever Days since 09/11/2001, and how it is all the fault of the Klintonesta!!! And how the Klintonesta Failed to Counter Attack the Iranian Flying Saucers!!! And How we Must STOP the Klintonesta In Our Midst Or America Will never be able to WIN AGAINST the Iranian Flying Saucers!!! Why americans remember how the Evil Bill Klinton prevented The Great General from marching into Baghdad when we had the troops there Liberating Kuwait from those Vile Iranian Flying Saucers!!!! Why Those Bill Klinton and those Vile Klintonesta need to be prosecuted for their war against America!!!

So Now More Than EVER send the Guard to Guard the Border!!! And Bomb Canada Today!!!

Who Is Keith Richman and why DOES He HATE AMERICA!

I just got his propoganda, as he is running for Treasurer of the state of California, but for reasons that are not clear put this "shout out to the International Godless Threat Of Iranian Flying Saucers" into his Email:
As State Treasurer, I will work with Republicans of all opinions, as well as Democrats and Independents to control immigration, strengthen our economy, improve our schools, and build for our future.

I know the difference between the right way to come to California and the illegal way. I know what it takes to meet the challenge of foreign competition and create new California jobs. I know California needs well-educated workers and good schools to maintain our prosperity and quality of life. I know we need wise public investments and safe returns to prepare for 10 million more Californians by 2025.

( emphasis in original )
HELLO!!! HELLO!!! HELLO!!! we are at "Time of Tax Transferrance Unto the Unborn!!!" we can not afford to be soft on the God Hating America Bashers inside of the GOP party who have Opposed the DIVINITY Of the Great Leader!!!

Can we rerally allow America to collapse simply because some people want to allow Law to be a part of the process of Winning the "Time of Tax Transferrance Unto the Unborn!!! These are no longer times for Half Measurers!!! We must Either CRUSH the ENEMIES or those Iranian Flying Saucers will Return!!!

Now More than EVER the State Teasurer's Job is to Support the GREAT LEADER!!! For The Great Leader Is Great!!!


Marching To Cambodia...

Yes Boys And Girls, if you missed the Anniversary of the Massacre of American Civilians, including the ROTC Person, shot enroute between classes, that fine may day back in the Heroic Struggle Against Vietnamese Flying Saucers, well guess what!!! We are On our way!!!
A secular alliance that is battling fundamentalist Islamic militias in Somalia charged Wednesday that its rivals are bolstered by fighters from the Middle East, Pakistan and elsewhere, and said it has the bodies to prove it.

"Foreigners were fighting alongside the local terrorists and were killed," said Hussein Gutale Ragheh, a spokesman for the secular alliance. No one was caught alive, he said, but among the dead were Arabs and others who looked like Pakistanis, Sudanese and Oromo fighters from neighboring Ethiopia.

The report could not be independently verified, but the possible presence of foreign extremists has heightened fears that al-Qaeda is making Somalia a staging ground, a State Department spokesman said Wednesday.

The U.S. is widely believed to be supporting the alliance of secular warlords, but American officials refused Wednesday to confirm or deny that.

[ cf SPI: Foreigners reportedly fighting in Somalia ]
Clearly The Glorious Efforts To Rescue the Wetlands In Iraq is growing into the Holy Crusade to restorer Secularism in Somalia!!!

So can the Glorious Victory Over the Vietnamese Flying Saucers be far behind!!!

Now More than Ever Glorious Leader Is More Glorious Than Ever, as this time the Americans and their Secularist Side Kicks are going to be able to kick the Butts of Those Atheistic Asiatic Godless Communist Foes as they Did back in the Day when Karl Rove, and the Karl Rove Armoured Flying Saucer Korp, CRUSHED the Vietnamese Invasion Fleet of Battle Cruisers and Vietnamese Flying Saucers!!!! And now the President will be able to do it all again, and show all americans that Ever More, and Ever More Gloriously, The Glorious And Victorious Forces will be crushing All Enemies, Everywhere, who at any times EVER oppose the Greatness of Great Leader!!!!

All Hail Great Leader! For His Greatness is Great!!!

Digby Avoids Personal Responsiblity...

I must confess that there is a high level of Comedy in the idea of labelling the NeoCons as the Neo-Jacabin Liberals, (cf The Crack-up Continues) but will the Radical Left Wing PLEASE pick up your Stragglers!!! They are still dazed and confused...

As some of my favorite Liberal Friends will note, this is not the first time that many of us who are the Old School Tie Republicans have been asking the LeftWing to PLEASE POLICE YOUR STRAGGLERS!!!

So will you folks please take your wingNuts Home, clearly they did not have what it takes to do the big boys Big Book Of Kool-Aid Acid Tests, and someone really needs to take them back home....

Crush The Apostate Spawns Of Evil Doing Evil Doers

You're the Falkland Islands!

You're pretty insignificant in the big picture, but when you have
influence, it affects the most important people in your world.  Sadly, you don't
have much of a will or voice of your own, and it's hard to develop it when your big
aspirations are to live on a farm.  Your emotional life is stormy and windswept,
but you have a few close friends that follow you like, well, sheep.

Take the Country Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid

I of course blame dr_strych9 but since he is also the UN, we really should simply BOMB him flat!!!

You know, to protect us ALL from those Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

Shutting Down The Intelligence Community...

... The NeoCon Way - by starving the beast
A minor billing dispute between the Pentagon and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is threatening operations throughout the U.S. national security community.

Last month, OPM -- which currently handles background investigations and issues security clearances for the defense/intelligence community -- abruptly announced it was shutting down the clearance process for new employees.
First some important background: the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) took over the clearance process last year from the Pentagon, which had made a royal mess of it. The Pentagon agreed to pay OPM a 25 percent premium on top of their costs for investigating and issuing clearances; in return, OPM promised to straighten out the situation.

To make a long story short, GAO investigators found that the Pentagon tried to back out of the deal. They don't name him directly, but they indicate that Stephen Cambone, Undersecretary of Defense for Intelligence, decided he didn't want to pay the 25 percent premium, and told OPM to stick it.

OPM pointed to the contract. Cambone went crying to the White House, asking for the Office of Management and Budget to intervene (in his favor, we can safely assume). OMB told the two to go back outside, play nice and figure it out on their own.

[ cf MuckRakers: Dingbat Billing Dust-up Shuts Down Security Clearances ]
Remember Back In The Dark Old Days when the Evil Liberals actually believed that the Intelligence Community was suppose to be useful.... and then decided to staff it with Whinners....

Ah yes.... At this rate, will we finally be able to suck in the DOD along the way and just have them all go through Miroku's wind tunnel into oblivion, as the DOD expands its control over the Intelligence community!