May 12th, 2006


Late Night Angst

So you wake up in the middle of the night in a pool of your own blood. Your First Thought is:
  • I wonder which binary nerve agent has been deployed?

  • Of Course WE MUST end the capital gains tax, and end the double taxation of Stock Dividends!/li>
  • Clearly only by Clubbing The Gay Baby Seals can we protect the sanctity of Marriage!

  • Jesus has always supported Pre-Emptive Retaliatory Nuclear First Strike against Heathens and those who Oppose The Great Leader in a Time of Tax Transferrance Unto The Unborn!!!

  • Only by ending the Environmental and Safety Regulations on the Nuclear Industry Will America be free from the Threat of Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

  • Freedom ISN'T Free!!!! So clearly we MUST raise the taxes on the Poor and those who hold Unamerican Attitutudes, but have not yet been turned into Productive Sources Of Electricity!!!

Or do you go with some sort of God Hating America Bashing Heathen Idolatry based upon the Abomination of The Evil Evolutionists and wonder which combinations of herbs and drugs has lead to an unpleasant decrease in the blood coagulant?

Which Way The Commodities Market

Gosh now that the recent round of Bonds that were sold by treasury to the Unfortunate are still sliding on the market to keep the Percentage Rates Up, there is that long terms quandary....

Why not a Futures Market in things like "Patriotism Points" - for when one needs to be morer Patirotically Corrector Than Thou? Or maybe folks will want to go with "Justice American Style" so that if they get rendered, because they're made out of meat - and the whiner wants to know that they will be mostly in one piece when they get to whine in an american court that they should not have been turned into a recyclable product simply because they no longer contain any Information in their Meat.

Ah yes, the new days are coming...


Clearly the recent decrease in Patriotism as established by the Recent Consumer Sentiment numbers and the decrease in the DOW has made manifest the Need to Burn The Witch who has put a spell on the Good People Of Happy Land who live in the Happy Land where the Greatest Military Leader EVER!!! and his Positive Doctrine Of Pre-Emptive Retaliatory Nuclear First Strike has always protected the Good People Of Happy Land from the Evil Scary Monsters!!!

So besides Nuking Morer Places!!! We must start hauling out the Witches to Be Burned At The Stake!!!!!

Which as all engineers know willl boil the water, that creates the Steam, that turns the Turbines, that make the Electrical Energy that keeps all Americans Safe and Happy!!!!! So it's not like BURNING THE WITCH AT THE STAKE is some sort of anachronistic throw back to the failed liberal pre-911 horrors of mere witch hunting, but is a progressive integral part of a forward looking Eco-Terrorist Policy that support the Divine Will to restore the Iranian Wetlands!!!!

So Now more than Ever!!! Do YOUR PART!!!!! Burn A Witch At The Stake!!!!

Time To Bomb QWEST

Still, mining domestic calls is a highly unusual, and probably unprecedented, activity for a spy agency set up to intercept and analyze foreign intelligence. And it is striking that the three telcos, AT&T, BellSouth and Verizon, handed the information over sheep-like to the spooks without pressing for warrants or court approval. Only Qwest Communications (nyse: Q - news - people ) balked, in spite of the NSA's arm-twisting.
[ cf Forbes: Did The NSA Break The Law? ]
Shouldn't that article have been
Qwest Comes OUT openly Supporting Global Terrorism And The Brutal Slaughtering Of Innocent White Christian Virgin Girls by God Hating America Bashers Bent Upon The Destruction Of Our White Christian America
and not to put too fine a point on that, shouldn't Congress be investigating why these TERRORIST GROUPS like Qwest are still engaged in their Terrorist Activities Against America!!!!

Think About The Innocent Children!!!!!