May 10th, 2006


Find The Drieux A Charity

As I am off to sign the contract for my Prius, and I will need to find some nice charity that will take my old Saturn SC2 as a donation.

Update: 137,000 miles on 1994 Saturn SC2.

The Prius will be online on or about may 24th give or take a bit. I am getting it with the tinted windows, the lojack, the fancy foo...

But DAMN IT ALL, they had nothing in the 24Ghz Phased Plasma Weapons...
God Hating America Bashing Leftist Leaning Gun Grabbing NRA Pukes!!!!

Got Comedy?

CIA nominee may soften on eavesdropping WOW!!!

What Next?
CIA Nominee may consider adopting American Law as the Law In America!
CIA Nominee considering Limiting Illegal Operations to Only Distanceable Criminal Elements.
CIA Nominee Considering On-Shoring those High Paying Jobs Manufacturing Consent!!!
CIA Nominee Considering recycling enemies of state in New Bio-Diesel Initiative!!!
CIA Nominee Considering Destroying WaterGate-WaterGate Films where he was doing the....
CIA Nominee Considering Limiting Illegal Operations to Only
The Named Enemies Of The State, and their fellow travelors, and people who may have known them, and those who may not have been positive about support the need to raise the right types of funds for the right types of peopel, and, well, let us just be frank, those types who might need to be Recycled as a Part Of New Bio-Diesel Initiative.
Oh be still my cheating heart....

Happy Thoughts

Doing Lunch with dr_strych9 and sambushell, except of course dr_strych9 kept trying to confuse jsam about the roots of the Really DEEP COVERUP that is behind why the Evil Iranian Flying Saucers have always been the publically accepted root of all things dark and evil, rather than the real story, which of course no one really wants to talk about becaue they are all aligned with the Evil Alluminium Foil WingNuttery Brigade of God Hating America Bashers Aligned with the who Sinister Gay HomZeXual Zombie Al-Qaeda Cyborg Kanadianists Konspirakii.

But it was amusing to point out that Yes, I too am waiting for the Unpleasant, and obviously REALLY GROSS gross-out phootage from the New Watergate Recordings of Hooker Gate Come OUT!!! Think J. Edgar Hoover, but without any of the Fashion Sense...