April 24th, 2006


So What Are WE Gonna Do???

The Winner In The Monday Morning Comedy Headlines Goes to Al-jazeera's
Bush tells Iraq leaders to stop violence
Or what?
The President will decide to accidentally restore the Wetlands In Iran?
The President will decide to Nuke Shang-Hai, looking for his ShangHai Lil...
What exactly are we gonna do if the Iraqi's Allow Iraq to fall into the Hands of Iraqi's!!!!

More Importantly HOW will that protect us from the Iranian Flying Saucers?

They Really Hate America!!!

Top 10 Social Scientific Arguments Against Same Sex Marriage (SSM) puts forwards a clear argument that either these people hate Actual Social Sciences, or that they Actually Merely HATE AMERICA because they can not get to the logical conclusion of their so called arguments and mandate that we CRIMINALIZE DIVORCE!!!

Clearly All Patriotic Americans Would Resoundly Chant Down These Evil Doers With
If the Tattered Blue Dress Does Not Fit!!!
Then You MUST Acquite!!!
Because It is our patriotic duty to oppose those who hate american and wish to empower the Iranian Flying Saucers.