April 19th, 2006


Did McClellen Get Indicted?

Scott McClellan, the calm voice of an embattled White House throughout the most tumultuous times of the Bush administration, announced today that he will step down as press secretary to President Bush.

The departure of McClellan, a Texan who has served as a loyal spokesman for Bush in various capacities since the president's days as governor of Texas in the late 1990s, signals a high-profile effort by the Bush administration to reshape the public message that is coming from a presidency struggling with daunting public disapproval. At the same time, the president's chief political adviser, Karl Rove, will be shedding his duties as a policy adviser in the White House -- a role that Rove assumed after serving as "the architect'' of Bush's reelection in 2004, when Rove became deputy chief of staff.

[ cf ChiTrib: McClellan out, Rove reeled in" ]
Or is he just freeing up some time to work on those plea bargain deals.

What Ever Happened To Terrorist ThreatCon Elmo?

Have you noticed that since Hurricaine Katrina established without a doubt that not only was FEMA a national Joke, but that it was working for the Rubes From Cleveland in the So Called Department Of Homeland Confusion, and as such, well gosh, golly, gee whiz, what need is there to be concerned about responding to anything. Americans, if they are concerned will simply duct tape themselves in place like they did some 300 years ago when our glorious forefather first faught off the first wave of Iranian Flying Saucers!!! So there is no real reason to continue all of that play acting like there are needs to shift the National Anxiety Colour Coding.

Everyone Knows that nothing would really happen IF the Terrorists attacked the World Trade Center for the 3rd, 4th, or 5th time. Ok, maybe by the 12th or 13th time the Victims of ChickenHawk Angst Syndrome might actually, well with enough prodding from Operation Yellow Elephant, be able to find their way forward to a point where they were REALLY, REALLY, HONEST TO GOD, Super seriously thinking about what sort of commitment to national security they were really willing to make above and beyond the usual reviling of those who Served In THE Military, while they sat on their faces, especially the one's who OPPOSE the DO NOTHING POLICIES espoused by the Culture Of Corruption that has decimated the Utility of FEMA to even respond to Actual Emergencies.

So could it be that all of those so called shifts and drifts in the National Anxiety Colour Coding really were merely domestic political stunts totally independent of any actual national security incidents???

Liberal Media Covers Up Iranian Flying Saucer Attacks!

Afghan police say a rocket attack has caused a massive explosion in the capital Kabul, near an area where the U.S. embassy and NATO peacekeeping headquarters are located.

Reports from the scene say a security guard was wounded in the blast late Wednesday.

Security officials say the rocket landed in a compound housing state-run television offices. The U.S. embassy and a base for NATO-led forces are nearby. Soldiers have sealed off the area.

A U.S. embassy spokesman told the Associated Press he could not confirm whether the diplomatic mission was the target of the blast.

[ cf VOA: Massive Explosion Rocks Afghan Capital; One Person Injured ]
Can any one doubt that these Leftist America Bashing God Haters At Voice Of America have been the Paid Dupes of Extremists bent upon the destruction of our White Christian America and so are playing down the Growing Threat Of Iranian Flying Saucers!!!

How Can Anyone Sleep Safely KNOWING that Liberals are being Unamerican In America!?!!