April 14th, 2006


Is Rumsfeld Toast?

Or are we suppose to read the president's speach utterance behavior as distinct from his previous support folks folks like Tom DeLay?

More Importantly, Will Rumsfeld Roll Over and become state's Evidence?

Should Israel Allow The IAEA In?

And should they sign off on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty?

Or would that complicated the overly simplified discussion points about which "moral purity" posture the New American Revolution wants you to believe.

Why Pre-Emptive Retaliatory Nuclear First Strikes Are Your Friend

After this week's extremely close election in Italy, there is a strong sense in Europe that, because of weak governments and divided publics, the Continent's big three countries are unable to make the economic changes that most political leaders agree are essential for restoring growth.

"Everybody in Europe agrees that things can't go on the way they are going," said Wolfgang Nowak, a German economist who is in charge of the Deutsche Bank's International Forum. He was speaking about the near-zero-growth economies with high deficits, rigid labor markets and intractable levels of unemployment and social welfare budgets that are increasingly difficult to afford.

"Everybody wants change," Mr. Nowak continued. "At the same time, everybody does everything so that things don't change."

[ cf AmPravda: Europe Stalls on Road to Economic Change ]
Think how much happier they will feel after we nuke out most of their industrial base, and then offer them the New And Improved Marshal Plan, where we insert More American Boots on The Groud in the EU to Marshal Them To the New American Revolutionary Plan.


I do hope that arian1 will forgive me that I want to point folks into his thread But America IS IN A REVOLUTION! but, well, hell, it is not my fault that I too Feel At TAD CRANKY about the unpleasantry of a complicated life...

And crap - I some times wish I knew whether I would find it simpler to live with Cracking Up or Getting Slapped Silly....

But Who KNOWS maybe americans will decide if the Original American Revolution created anything worth keeping.