April 6th, 2006


Another Glorious Victory On The Malibar Front!!!

The United States has labored to overcome resistance from two council veto holders, China and Russia, for action against Iran but it still hopes to increase pressure over what it believes is Tehran's pursuit of a nuclear bomb.

"This is a calibrated, gradual, reversible approach," Ambassador John Bolton, a U.S. hard-liner against Iran, told reporters at a news conference.

[ cf Reuters: US: Iran may face sanctions after two UN warnings ]
Not Since the Great Leader's Calibrated, gradual and reversible approach to restoring the wetlands in Iraq have americans been privy to so Great And Glorious A Military Victory of the Evil Doers in the Current Whatever On Whomever.

Bomb Canada!

The unemployment rate for immigrants working in the United States fell below the rate for U.S.-born workers in 2005 for the first time since the Labor Department started tracking those numbers a decade ago.

Numbers from the department's Bureau of Labor Statistics show that unemployment for native-born workers fell to 5.2 percent last year from 5.5 percent in 2004. But the unemployment rate for those who were born elsewhere sank to 4.6 percent last year from 5.5 percent the year before.

[ cf Cnn/Money: Jobless rate higher for U.S.-born than immigrants ]
Can there be any doubt any more that the War With Canada is inevitable? That we will have to rerstore to only Total Military Victory Over the Gay HomoZexual Zombie Pirate Canadianists or our children will have no hope of employment!!!

Think of the Children!

Anything Less and the Terrorists Win!!!!

Why Does Gulliani Hate American Troops

Hum. If Gulliani is testifying that 'it was war' as a part of a criminal prosecution of someone else's holy warriors. Has he paused to think what that would mean to any of our holy warriors who fell into the hands of someone who gets upset about warfare????

What if the problem here is that those who Like Perpetual War have not worked out how that fits into the American way of life? Not to mention american cultural normals about what law and justice are all about.