April 4th, 2006


Tom Delay To Step Down - Divine Providence Prevails

In a video message to his constituents, aired today, DeLay said that "after many weeks of personal prayer," he had decided to "begin opening new chapters…from outside the arena."

DeLay blamed "liberal Democrats" for focusing on his legal troubles — DeLay is under indictment for use of corporate funds in Texas legislative campaigns — and on his association with powerhouse lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

"I refuse to allow liberal Democrats an opportunity to steal this seat with a negative campaign," he said.

[ cf LAT:DeLay Announces Plan to End Career in Congress ]
So is God Really A Liberal Democrat? or IS God really a member of the GOP who is still cranked over about how the Evil NeoCons have expanded their Culture of Corruption.

What if the GOP makes the Patriotic Stand to Stand For Patriotism!!! And not merely the Culture of Corruption and the Horrors of supporting the unsustainable Victimized ChickenHawk Angst Sysdrome - with the excessive federal subsidies for maintaining the perpetual war....

You Know back to being the party of Law and Order and Fiscal Responsibility.

Holy Crimes Against Humanity

I am sure that we are ALL Opposed to the Moral Depravity that can come up with a paragraph like:
So long Hammer, don't drop the soap. I see him possibly trying to institute an emergency "True Love Waits" program for the Aryan Brothers in cell block H.
[ cf Bad MojoWire Blog Entry ]
There is of course the little problem here, that why would the Evil Liberals believe that the Hammer Would need to appeal to the higher Moral Qualities of the Aryan Nation were he to be disenfranchised from his pious position in Club Fed! I mean, even IF they convict The Hammer, why would they sentance him to any jail time? When he could do say, community service.

So while we all agree that the line is funny - it remains dysfunctional in an age in which HanoiAnnie Coulter's Calls for Assasinating Government Officials she dislikes arer suppose to be merely Jokes - do americans really need to worry? Since clearly even if the whole Fan Base over at FreeperVilleFollies are all trying to wave their primary gender identification organs around about starting the Civil War Now - how many of them will actually be able to get past their Victim of ChickenHawk Angst Syndrome to actually follow their Dick Waving into, well, damn, that would mean into military like operations....

Which is More Obscene?

The Evil Digby points to the LA Times photo journalistic summary of combat related casulaties ( warning - graphic ) while our most beloved of All Great War Heroes, since of course Karl Rove, is considering getting a job with his good friend in the ChristoFascist Movement, where Tom DeLay will most likely have some deeply religioius conversion, and hope that it will be good enough so that folks do not have to remember what he did. Ah yes, for Only $19.99 you could own the book:
"Liberalism Kills Kids" is a groundbreaking work which documents the devastating failure of America's 40-year experiment with liberal statism. From the deaths of 44 million unborn children, to skyrocketing rates of out-of-wedlock births, to the divorce epidemic, to the destructive demands of the movement to normalize homosexuality -- the book exposes a cultural coup d'etat that has left our families gasping for air.
[ cf book_shilling ]

And to know that tom delay with be 'safe' amongst the Vision America where they are still upset over all of the evil of the Radical Judicial Black Robed Tyrants, and have just finished their
War on Christians
Conference is a Huge Success
so, who knows, they may well be abble to finally drive out Christians from America.... And with any luck, they may also be able to get rid of the Constitution... But at least they will have a safe place for Tom DeLay...