April 3rd, 2006


You can relax now...

A divided Supreme Court handed the Bush administration a significant victory today when it decided not to review, for now, the federal government's powers to detain U.S. citizens as enemy combatants.
[ cf Supreme Court Refuses to Review Padilla Case
Bush Stance on Enemy Combatants to Remain Unchallenged
Currently you can be considered an enemey of the state and treated as if you were not an american at any time that the President Considers it tactically cooler....

Why We Are Winning The War In Iran!!!

I kid you not:
America's military arsenal includes a deadly new weapon: Submarine-like craft that travel underground instead of underwater!

Dubbed Subterranean Underground Vehicles, or SUVs, 14 of the top-secret vessels are already roving far beneath the sands of Iran, poised to launch a surprise attack if it becomes necessary to overthrow the rogue regime.

"They're mega-gasguzzlers, but that's no problem since they clandestinely tap into Iran's oil wells," said a reliable Pentagon source.

"SUVs are already in place near Iraq's most strategically important cities -- including Tehran, Hamadan, Bakhtaran and Mashad.

Just think how forward looking our Glorious Leader Has Been to tap into the state of the Art in Actual Real Imaginary Weapon Systems that the Iranians will never have the time or technology to master, as they keep working within the failed Constraineds of their Failed Pre-911 Evil Liberal Mindset where they merely believe in demonstrating the engineering as proof in itself. Rather than doing their obligation of being the Actual Real Imaginary Threat without which americans would be anxiety laden overe who were the evil doing evil doers we have always been at war with!!!

Are We Doing Enough To Protect China?

Persistent labor shortages at hundreds of Chinese factories have led experts to conclude that the economy is undergoing a profound change that will ripple through the global market for manufactured goods.

The shortage of workers is pushing up wages and swelling the ranks of the country's middle class, and it could make Chinese-made products less of a bargain worldwide. International manufacturers are already talking about moving factories to lower-cost countries like Vietnam.

[ cf AmPravda: Labor Shortage in China May Lead to Trade Shift ]
I think most americans understand that China is Hemmed in between the Communists in North Korea, who are a part of the Axis Of Evil, and the Growing Communist Backed Guerrillla war in Nepal!!! And let us be honest, we know that the Burgioning Middle Class is the Leading Cause of PsuedoIntellectuals du gauche and their failed communist uprisings!!!

Can we allow China to fall to the IslamoFascistCommunistZionistBolshivikiBankingKospirakiiUndtKosherDeli???

Think how hard things are - what with WalMart Falling to Number 2 on the Fortune 1000 Corporations!!!

Clearly Now More Than EVER we must Protect the liberties and freedom in China and Occupy Venezela so that the Chinese Understand that we support their quest for freedom.


SSI meets the Criminalizing Crime Law!!!

From TPM we get:
A bit more follow up on this issue of this year's Social Security actuarial report. Atrios got hold of this portion of the Social Security Act which mandates that the annual report be released no later than April 1st of each year. It's only April 3rd so it's not that late -- black letter law notwithstanding. But Matt Yglesias called Treasury Department public affairs and was told not only that it isn't out yet but that there's not even any timeline or projected date when it will be released.

This administration doesn't play fast and loose with the law on Social Security for nothing. Something's up.

[ cf tpm ]
Now remind me again how this is a part of the War On Whatever?!?

And don't forget to include the part in there that Congress Has Authorized The President to uphold which ever law is still cool enough.