March 31st, 2006


Things that make me cranky

waking up in the middle of the night and wondering about that 'sleep apnia' angst, simply because my throat is swollen shut and I am barely able to breath through my nose, and wondering what happens when the normal morning time nasal conjestion makes breathing through my nose a non-option.

But Other Than That, I Fully Support TOTAL VICTORY IN IRAN!!!!

Anything Less and america will be attacked by that Actual Real Imaginary Fleischer....

Support The GastArbeitor Protective Administration!!!!

I am sure that many are aware that dangerous Foreign Agents will be Unmasked by MiniTrue as having been involved in the Anti-State Terrorist Activities of those agitating against Delphi's request that the US Bankruptcy Court help them weed out dangerous elements amongst their Employees.
Do You Want to Know More, OR Slaughter Innocent Children Because of Your Anti-Americanism?Collapse )

Got Reign Of Law?

From: "Chairman Ken Mehlman"
Subject: What's the Choice?
Date: March 31, 2006 1:20:47 PM PST
To: <redacted>

Terrorists are at war with our country. And we have a choice.

Either we use every tool available to fight and win the War on Terror ... or we heed the calls of Democrats who would censure and impeach the President for fighting the terrorists.

In the graphics, it notes that 'with our nation at war...'

So why exactly IS Ken Mehlman Opposed to the Reign of Law, even in a so called time of 'war'???

Could it be that he is hoping that most americans will keep walking past those Operation Yellow Elephant Notices, and asking those unpleasant questions, that gosh, those of us in the Veteran's Community are obliged to Ask, because WE SWORE OUR OATH OF HONOR to defend the constition.

So If anti-americans like Ken Mehlman do not like the Democratic Solution - how exactly ARE the NeoConClownCarCrew going to deal with the Breach of FISA for domestic poitical advantage? The Betrayal of the CIA Assets by White House Apparachniki? The Abandonment of American Military Personnel sent abroad merely to look for a safe excuse for the domestic political anxieties of those who were afraid during their Generations Crusade!!!

What Should the NeoConClownCarCrew Do? Besides consider Seppucho as a viable means for covering their SHAME with the Blood Of Honor!!!