March 30th, 2006


Do Out Of State Hetro's Get Married in Mass?

"The laws of this commonwealth have not endowed non-residents with an unfettered right to marry," the court wrote in its 38-page opinion. "Only non-resident couples who come to Massachusetts to marry and intend to reside in this commonwealth thereafter can be issued a marriage license without consideration of any impediments to marriage that existed in their former home states."
[ cf Court: Gays Can't Come to Mass. to Marry ]
The central reason I raise this question is that my father, who's home of records remains Oregon, decided to invite a california native, who had been working as a social worker in watts, to the state of Mass to be his second wife.

At the time there was no question that it was sorta OK for them to get married. But was it really!?! Since they got married and we got orders OUTUS, again.

Hum... Why exactly should Civilians be Given these Special Privileges? Or did they grant this to my father because of his good standing in the Armed Forces?

Does Service Lead To Citizenship?

We Are Invading Which Countries Again?

US President George W. Bush Wednesday also backed moving Taylor's trial, but noted a Security Council resolution would be required.

Johnson-Sirleaf urged the United Nations to ensure that Taylor's dignity as a former president was protected, and that he was accorded a fair trial.

The Liberian leader assured other former warlords that no other Liberian has been indicted by the court in Freetown, and hence that there was no need for anyone to fear for the infringement of his or her rights.

[ cf M&C:Taylor arrest announced in Monrovia, Hague trial mooted ]
Hum, doesn't the president normally turn to the UN as his bestist, bestist friend when we are planning to accidentally invade some places.

So are we going into Sierra Leon? The Nederland? Or is this one of those 'march madnes moments' and the president is not sure which team he is betting on...

WMD to include non-mass destruction devices

Jurors asked the judge in the death penalty trial of Zacarias Moussaoui today to define the term "weapons of mass destruction" and were told it includes airplanes used as missiles.
[ cf WaPo ]
So since there is an Iranian National Air Line, doesn't it follow that Iran already is in Posession of Weapons of Mass Destruction....

Hold The Press! Get The Divine Miss W Her Party Dress, It's Time To Go Disco Dancing Another Mission Accomplished Jig!!!!

UnHoly Lusitania Moment Flying Rodent PerKin!

The Hot Breaking News is:
Tourist boat sinks off Bahrain, at least 44 dead
But have you noticed how the Evil Liberal Media is leaving out all references to the Iranian Flying Saucer Threat that is clearly the Root Cause Issue that Must be Addressed!!!!

As long as Iranians have either Flying Saucer Technology, or Airplanes that could be used as Missiles, can any american anywhere sleep safe knowing that at any moment they too could be the next Tourist Boat Sunk By Iranian Flying Saucer Technology Related Activities Programmes!!!!


Or The Terrorists Win!!!

UnHoly Terrorist Threats

I just came across joyeux noel where the Pro-Al-Qaeda Clique is suggesting that there could ever be a cease fire in the Middle of The War To End All War!!!!

It is clear that the Anti-Bush Faction is bent upon Destroying Our White Christian America with their Evil Satanic Liberal Kapitualtionist Propoganda!!!

What Next? That they actually think that the War To End All Wars was anything OTHER than the Greatest And Most Glorious And Most Victorious of all The Greatest Military Leader EVER! could ask for as an on going and Eternal Struggle against the Forces of EVIL!

Who IS Christopher Hitchens, and why DOES he hate America?

I ran across him from digby and Wikipedia: Christopher Hitchens makes it clear that he is NOT an america, but not why he hates america?

I was somewhat amused that he got only a runner up in the Golden Wingers I mean, he can't be that much over 50 something if he was born in 1949, and yet there is no reference in there as to why he took a pass on Winning In That IraqiThingiePooh?

The real comical bit from the WikiPedia is
Hitchens has regarded Operation Iraqi Freedom as a critical front in the conflict between secular democracy and theocratic fascism.
which means that he opposes the president,, and the need to restore religion and win against the evil secular democracts, which means that he is on the side of the terrorists...

So Why DOES this man hate America?