March 28th, 2006


But They Could Have Been A Bigger Threat!

The FBI, while waging a highly publicized war against terrorism, has spent resources gathering information on antiwar and environmental protesters and on activists who feed vegetarian meals to the homeless, the agency's internal memos show.

For years, the FBI's definition of terrorism has included violence against property, such as the window-smashing during the 1999 Seattle protests against the World Trade Organization. That definition has led FBI investigations to online discussion boards, organizing meetings and demonstrations of a wide range of activist groups. Officials say that international terrorists pose the greatest threat to the nation but that they cannot ignore crimes committed by some activists.
An FBI counterterrorism official showed the class, at the University of Texas in Austin, 35 slides listing militia, neo-Nazi and Islamist groups. Senior Special Agent Charles Rasner said one slide, labeled "Anarchism," was a federal analyst's list of groups that people intent on terrorism might associate with.

The list included Food Not Bombs, which mainly serves vegetarian food to homeless people, and - with a question mark next to it - Indymedia, a collective that publishes what it calls radical journalism online. Both groups are among the numerous organizations affiliated with anarchists and anti-globalization protests, where there has been some violence.
Denver-area activists said that since the surveillance documents became public, there had been a subtle chill, with some people avoiding protests for fear of ending up in an FBI file. Some activists think the FBI has been watching their groups to intimidate them.

"We've kind of gathered up our skirts and pulled in," said Sarah Bardwell, who works for the American Friends Service Committee, a Quaker group. Along with some activist roommates, she has also volunteered for Food Not Bombs.

[ cf FBI Keeps Watch on Activists ]
Is It Just Me Or What?

Why is it that the FBI is not monitoring the alledged Pro-Life Types who openly use 'war language' with regards to stopping the 'death camps'?

Or does the FBI already know that these alledge Pro-Life Types are all victims of Chicken Hawk Angst, and hence are only trying to suck in those who will be deluded by the language of war into acting as if these were a war time, and hence strike out against Womyn's Health Clinics...

Does Make You wonder a bit, eh no?

What if the FBI were co-opted by the Same Folks who had bugged the DNC Headquarter at the Watergate Hotel....

Dances with Immigration Issues

One of My Left Wing America Hating Evil Liberal Friend asked me:
As a life-long-Republican, inside the minds of those "in the know",
kindly explain the following utterance by your brethren:
"The Republicans are not like the Rockettes on the issue of immigration."
- U.S. Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner
Which of course is painfully obvious to everyone else, I Mean Like Duh.
"This is only going to get Uglier..."
-- former Senator and Actor Fred Dalton Thompson
-- Movie: The Hunt For Red Oktober
you see some of the Republicans can read and right, and are looking at this matter from the fair trade traditional models,
and hence are not at all sure why the faggot assed nancy boys want to both dress up as Rockettes, so that they can do their Nationalist Front Goose Stepping in public....

It could be that the Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst are hoping that this time someone in the government will take their little emotional anxieties all serious, or otherwise they are going to just keep on dressing up like the Rockettes and High Kicking For Kultur!!!!

Which IS the comical part here...

The Bush administration on Tuesday night was considering cancelling a White House meeting scheduled for Wednesday with Olusegun Obasanjo, the Nigerian president, after Nigeria confirmed that Charles Taylor, the former Liberian president indicted by a UN court for war crimes and given asylum in Nigeria, had disappeared.
[ cf US upset with Nigeria over warlord’s flight ]
And to have this happen on the Day that Andrew Card's Resignation was suppose to be the
You Can Trust A War President Who Can Schuffle His Cabinet When The Political Problems On The Domestic Front Take Precendence Over Our War On What Ever..
Or is there a deeper symbolism here...

Andrew Card is actually openning negotiations for a safer place for former War Lords to reside beyond the Reach of those Evil Doing Evil Doers in the U.N. and their failure to understand that in a Time of Whatever One Has to be able to do what must be done... You know, like Saddam did, while protecting Iraq from those Vile Islamo-Fascists!!!! And the Iraqi Congress Said that he could do it... Why Just Like Taylor, and...

If This Be Treason Then Make The Most Of IT!

``As a military officer, I deeply respect the president,'' Swift said in an interview at his northern Virginia office. ``But I also believe it's my duty as a military officer to point out when he is wrong.''
[ cf Navy Lawyer Charles Swift Battles Bush in Guantanamo Bay Case ]
And to think that there had been that time when the Victims Of Chicken Hawk Angst were all panty wad waisted at the THOUGHT that anyone could even concieve of Dissenting Against God's Divinely Appointed Greatest Military Leader Ever!

Makes me wonder what the Victims of Chicken Hawk Angst are doing now, what with Actual Navy Lawyers, well, Damn, trying to Uphold the Law AND their Oath of Honor.

Makes one wonder what the Civilians will wind up doing this time?

What IF the Constitution of the United States Of America were actually worth retaining?

Great Summary Of Who's On Who's Side

mrvetinari has a lovely thread Something Useful to know about Iraq where he lets out the really cool secret:
If a body is beheaded, it was likely the work of Sunni Salafiyist/Wahabist Militias (Al Tawhid Al Jihad, Ansar Al-Sunnah, The group that calls itself "Al-Qaeda-of-Iraq" but is really not affiliated with the real Al Qaeda and is just using the name, etc..). They view decapitation as the proper punishment for Apostacy. These groups also have less quams about killing people usually deemed non-combatants (Children, Women, The Elderly, Etc..)
Just plain old shot-by-firing-squad is often the work of the Kurdish Peshmerga, who are a more professional sectarian militia, and don't have time for theological discussions of how to kill and maim.
Ok, so I had to crank on the Kurdish for avoiding the Theological Inclinations, is tradition.

But Are They Gay?

I know that many have been wondering about the Bush/Cheney "slash fan fiction" as "news like product", but since the current round of supreme court cases with regards to the Prersident's Desires, and urges, to get special privileges, because, well he and Dick are, well, Special. Are they really trying to tell us all the deep seated RealPolitik:
If The Blue Dress Does Not Fit!
You Must Acquite!!!
is going to be their real chant if anyone actually does consider impeaching them for their special little crimes...

Hum. Should be be giving Special Privileged to "slash fan fiction" who have to do it larger than life?

More Importantly, will they divorce their wives and settle down and live happily ever after? Having finally been able to get past all of the hatred in society today and been able to make a clean break with the past...

Stay Tuned.

More Black Robed Judical Activism

Five out of five crusty judges with FISA court and national security experience say that the President must follow the law just like everyone else.Five out of five crusty judges with FISA court and national security experience say that the President must follow the law just like everyone else.
[ cf It’s Official… ]
What Next?

Those Evil Black Robed Judical Activists are going to actually demand that the President actually Comply With The Law? And not merely follow it around like some drug crazed Psycho Celebrity Stalker....