March 22nd, 2006


Holy Radical Judicial Activism By Those Black Robed Tyrannts

A divided U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that the police cannot enter a home and seize evidence without a warrant when one occupant agreed to the search after the other occupant refused permission.
The court's three most conservative members, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas, opposed the ruling.

It was the first dissent written by Roberts, who joined the court at the end of September, and Justice David Souter sharply denounced it in writing for the majority. Under the dissent's view, he wrote, "The centuries of special protection for the privacy of the home are over."

[ cf Court rejects searches when occupants disagree (emphasis mine) ]
I mean, who would have thunk it that the Supreme's Would so openly offer aid and comfort to the enemy by not allowing warrentless searches of property.

What Next?

Will The Supreme's Start Ruling From Sharia as a part of their encouraging the Terrorists!

Respecting Tradecraft

It hit me the other day, that americans may not actually understand the intelligence community, and may not have any actual knowledge about trade craft; other than what they got from Red Hollywood.
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The real laugh was always being told by americans when I came CONUS that what I had done, could not have occurred, because those sorts of things did not happen in their little hometown, including but not limited to NYC, LA, and not just the little podunk centrals.

Bush To Declare War On Afghanistan?

President Bush says he is deeply troubled by the case of an Afghan man who could be put to death for converting from Islam to Christianity. Mr. Bush says he will try and resolve the issue diplomatically.
[ cf Bush Troubled by Afghan Christian Facing Death ]
So what are we gonna do? Re-Liberate Afghanistan?

Would this be the wrong time to requestion folks about the issue of a 'secular state', or what?

OR should we just start chanting the new mantry
Only American Blood Can Save The Islamic Republic of <YourFriendHere>:
Ah yes, now what were the war aims for Afghanistan? And how would we be able to differenciate them from say Iraq, or the war with Iran, or the warr with....

Why Does Andrew Sullivan Hate America?

A tip of the hat to The Evil Sean for his rude, irrational, and completely unbelievable repetition of Andrew Sullivan's Scurrilous Assault On America over at The Mojo Wire where he notes that there is this prima facia similarity between the definition of water boarding, as used in the War Crimes Trials Against Japan, and, well the Policy position advanced by President, and outlined in the CIA specifications.
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"The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012"

In the current set of revisionist posturings about what coulda, shoulda, woulda been a better thingus of pooh that the Great Leader SHOULD Have Done, there is of course dr_strych9 pet favorite little piece out of the American War College at Carlisle Barrack, by CHARLES J. DUNLAP, JR. and is from the 1992 season, where they were talking about The Origins of the American Military Coup of 2012.

Who knows, maybe now some one of those NeoCons who is trying to distance themselves from The Dubya, will be ever so polite and actually offer up their line by line poseur position on how exactly they are planning to defeat this Coup?

In the immortal words of Frankie Goes To Hollywood - 'Relax go to it....'