March 21st, 2006


No Child Left Behind - What is George REALLY trying to tell us.

I was somewhat surprised the other evening with madmerle mentioned that she did not know that the Military was allowed to use schools as a recruiting facility. In this case k-12 schools, and not merely the University and Trade Schools. This lead me to wonder, again, about which parts of the Oidepal Complex The Greatest Military Leader EVER is really trying to deal with.
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Chewing Up The Children

Smith is one of a series of low-ranking soldiers who have been tried for mistreating prisoners at Abu Ghraib. He could face up to nine years imprisonment.

Last week, Col. Thomas Pappas, testifying under immunity, acknowledged that he did not properly supervise dog handlers at Abu Ghraib.

[ cf M&C News ( emphasis mine ) ]
Gosh why did they give the Col. a grant of immunity to testify against a Sgt? Hum????

Which part of 'take care of your troops and your troops will take care of you' does this Poke High and Hard?

Sergeant Smith was found guilty under the Uniform Code of Military Justice of two counts of mistreatment involving three detainees, conspiring to make a contest of causing detainees to soil themselves, dereliction of duty and an indecent act, The A.P. reported.
[ cf AmericanPravda ]
What does one call it when one has beene found guilty under the UCMJ of Prisoner Abuse in a Time of War?


Or were those who were riling against the Evils of the Geneva Convention FORGETTING that when the United States Ratified our involvement with it, we implemented our part of that in american LAW - and folks might want to take the time to learn WHERE the UCMJ hangs in american criminal law.
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Holy Defeatist Propoganda Flying Rodent PerKin

After Saddam Hussein's Removal In April 2003, The Terrorists Began Moving Into Tal Afar.
[ cf Fact Sheet: Strategy for Victory: Clear, Hold, and Build at (emphasis theirs) ]
A loud shout out to vanmojo posting at mojowire: Victory is Victorious... for the tip that the White House is trying to parody the The Defeatists: Worse Than Terrorists by noting that prior to accidentally inserting troops into iraq to restore the iraqi wetlands as a part of their radical environmental extremist pollicies the Iraqi Town of Tal Afar was not a hot bed of Al-Qeada operations....

Has anyone thought of explaining that these folks really should support the president to support the Troops.

And next week out the New And Improved Victgory Is More Victorious Than Ever Before dialog will explain power, progress, progressiveness, and other words that start with the letter P...